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Kentucky assistant says Kevin Knox is a ball of clay waiting for somebody to form him

Kentucky’s top assistant Kenny Payne, who has a relationship with Allan Houston, remembers Kevin Knox’ first day of college when he handed him a DVD [on Kevin Durant] and told him to watch the clips every night before bed — all 35 snippets.

“That’s the person he wants to emulate,” Payne told The Post. “So here’s what Durant does, and here is your package. Not that he’s Kevin Durant, but he can be in that vein. I told him this should be your staple of what you’re trying to get to. There may never be another Kevin Durant, but I told him there are things he does that are similar to you to take and learn from him. Because he’s ultra-talented and a ball of clay waiting for somebody to form him.”

“This is a unique situation for the Knicks. You’re literally being handed a ball of clay that is so talented, and you can mold that clay into whatever you want it to be.”

via Marc Berman, New York Post

Kevin Knox competitive nature extends beyond the court

Thomas Dziagwa, Kevin Knox‘s close friend and former teammate at Tampa Catholic, knows well that Knox’s appearance doesn’t tell the whole story.

“If it comes to video games or basketball, he’s one of the most competitive people I know,” Dziagwa said. “It could be tic tac toe and he’s going to try to win. It could be a crossword puzzle and he’s going to try to finish it first.”

On the court, Knox accepted whatever role he was given as long as it ended with a victory.

“All he cares about is winning, and that’s the type of teammate he is,” said Dziagwa, who now plays for Oklahoma State.

via Chris Iseman, The Record

Both Kevin Knox and Allonzo Trier have strong links to Kevin Durant

Kevin Knox: “His brother is real close to me, me and him talk a lot. He’s kind of helped me throughout this whole process. His mom Wanda is a great person. Kevin Durant, he’s watched my film, he loves the way I play the game, and I’m looking forward to playing him one day.”

via Steve Serby, New York Post

Allonzo Trier: “Our relationship has gone all the way though, even until now. We text, talk and keep in touch all the time. He’s my role model. And if I need anything, I can talk to him — not just about basketball but life.”

via Marc Berman, New York Post