Juwan Howard unlikely to join Fizdale in NY; Woodson and Johansen possibilities

Regarding Juwan Howard, it’s highly unlikely that he’ll be joining David Fizdale’s staff in New York, per sources.

Howard, a current Miami assistant, interviewed for the Knicks job. Fizdale may want him on his staff, but Miami would have to give the Knicks permission to allow him to leave, which is highly unlikely.

via Ian Begley, ESPN

Begley acknowledged the report on Keith Smart joining the staff (without confirming it) and mentions Memphis scout Adam Johansen and ex-Knicks coach Mike Woodson as possible candidates.


The latest coaching candidate:

The Knicks interviewed Juwan Howard this past weekend. Howard has been an assistant with the Heat for five seasons, after a 19-year NBA career.

Where did this interview come from?

Juwan Howard on the West Wing set

Richard Schiff from the hit TV show West Wing shared a memory of filming a basketball scene with Knicks head-coach candidate, Juwan Howard. Before shooting the scene, he had the opportunity to play 3-on-3 with Howard for hours, and he didn’t back down, to the point he tweaked his knee.

Schiff, who attended City College of New York, is a Knicks fan and heard this story later.

“A couple months later, I met a veteran we hired as an extra and he had a story for me. He said he was sitting next to Juwan the day we played. Juwan told him to watch me and said, “that guy’s New York! Watch him!” I thought, that’s the greatest compliment I’ve ever gotten.”

via Keith Schlossler, Knicks Journal

Juwan Howard was on “The Fizdale List” as top assistant who could become a head coach

DAVID FIZDALE: “You’re talking about a first-class professional as a leader, the way he will represent himself in the organization and the way he treats people. He is built to be a head coach that way. You add the absolute DNA of winning and success on and off the court and the Heat culture and his ability to communicate, he is definitely a guy who should be looked at and considered.”

via Marc J. Spears, The Undefeated

Passion for game ignites Juwan Howard to coach; thought of as players’ coach

Juwan Howard had the opportunity to coach the Miami Heat during the 2016 Summer League, a team that included his son.

Ira Winderman wrote a great feature about the experience, with some quotes about the type of coach Howard has become, and why, despite having made so much money, he wants to be a coach at all.

“He’s been great,” Winslow said. “Just knowing him last year, he’s kind of a players’ coach. He’s always that guy when you don’t want to talk to Spo, is kind of that guy you can go to. Just having that voice and having that even be louder and more the centerpiece of the team as a head coach, I think it’s helping him, helping him grow as a coach, as well.”

After those 19 NBA seasons and more than $150 million in career earnings, there is no reason to be working the sidelines on the Orlando Magic‘s practice court at the Amway Center during the dog days of July.

“That love and passion for the game hasn’t stopped. What I’m doing now is giving back to the game. All the coaches that I’ve played for, learned for 19 years how to play the game the right way, it’s my time to serve and give back to a lot of players what those coaches taught me.”

via Ira Winderman, Sun Sentinel

Juwan Howard teaches by example by staying in great shape

When Erik Spoelstra talked about how the Heat would prepare for the Sixers in the playoffs, he mentioned the importance of Juwan Howard.

Then there is Howard, the 6-9 45 year old former All-Star forward who retired from the NBA after the 2013 NBA Finals with the Heat.

“Juwan could still play,” Spoelstra said. “He could still play 8 to 10 minutes. I say that all the time. He and [assistant coach] Chris Quinn still take the body-fat test and they will take that to their grave I’m sure. They’re ready to roll.”

via Ira Winderman, Sun Sentinel

The Knicks are looking for a coach who can connect with the modern player. It always helps when you can still hang in practice.