Joakim Noah’s high school coach speaks out

“I would say in his heart he would love to turn the page and have good memories here,’’ [Noah’s high school coach], McNally, told The Post. “Is that intellectually the best situation? Who knows? New York loves a disaster. They also like a comeback story.

But if he gets his freedom, he can go to a contender to fill a niche role as a leader. There’s plenty of teams would like to have him in that capacity. Obviously [the Timberwolves’] Tom [Thibodeau] loves him and would love to have him back.”

via Marc Berman, New York Post

McNally notes that while Noah is a free spirit off the court, he works better with structure on the court.

“He’s done well in structured environments with Tom and Billy [Donovan in college at Florida],’’ McNally said. “When it comes kind of loose? He’s better off with ‘Tell me exactly what you want me to do and I’ll do it.’ You tell me one thing, you do another thing.

via Marc Berman, New York Post

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Hassan Whiteside for Joakim Noah?

It’s that time of year when everyone is ready to react to a playoff loss. The Heat lost in five games to the Sixers, so it’s their turn.

However, the future of Hassan Whiteside is a legitimate question. Tim Bontemps of the Washington Post speculates whether the Knicks would make an interesting trade partner.

So would the Heat be willing to trade Whiteside? At this point, the answer is yes. Given how much better they looked when Olynyk played, rookie Bam Adebayo’s potential and the chance to move Whiteside’s remaining $52 million over the next two seasons — no chance he’d pass on the $27 million player option he’s owed in 2019-20 — it’s easy to see why moving on from him would be appealing.

Perhaps the New York Knicks would be willing to give up Joakim Noah and the Chicago Bulls’ second round pick for Whiteside. Noah is the definition of dead salary (even though he’s on the books for about $37 million the next two years). Miami potentially could buy Noah out to save a few million more if he had another destination in mind.

via Tim Bontemps, Washington Post

Whiteside is owed approximately $7-8 million more than Noah over the next two years, with the final year a player option he will likely accept. As the Knicks look to shed salary off their books ahead of 2019, and assuming they would share the same concerns about Whiteside that has led to the Heat’s dissatisfaction, I don’t see this as a likely scenario.