Hornacek’s “doppelganger,” Ron Baker tries to find fit under new coaching staff

“I’m going into training camp confident,” Ron Baker told The Post in his first remarks since Hornacek got canned. “I’ll try my best to be in good shape, compete, do what I’m asked. Obviously, we’re over the roster limits. I don’t control that. I can only control what I can control — coming in every day, ready to work and being positive.”

Baker attempted to put a positive spin on Hornacek’s ouster, but his disappointment could not be hidden. Baker once said Hornacek was his “doppelganger.”

After he got released, [Hornacek] gave me a call a week after,” Baker said. “Jeff being Jeff, he wished me well. Reaching out to me, one thing he said if I ever need anything, he’s there for me. That’s the kind of guy he was every day.”

via Marc Berman, New York Post

O’Quinn admits he was never close with Hornacek or Jackson

“I wasn’t close enough to either [Hornacek or Jackson] to understand if they understood me or not, or any other player,’’ O’Quinn said. “I never got close to either one on the basketball side, but [Fizdale] is a younger coach, championship coach and he’s done it recently. That speaks about the relationship [Fizdale] may have with the players more than the relationship coach Hornacek and Phil had with the players.’’

via Marc Berman, New York Post

Dolan sent email to Hornacek about triangle?

According to a source, Dolan last season sent an email to Hornacek saying he was disappointed in him for not buying fully into the triangle offense. This took place sometime around the All Star break. So we know that as recently as last season Dolan, who loves to tell you he’s not involved, was actually pushing Phil Jackson’s offense down Hornacek’s throat in a not-so-subtle way.

via Frank Isola, New York Daily News