Commemorating the “Frank Ntilikina” moments from the early 2000s

Frank Ntilikina ended this portion of the 2019-20 season with a bang when he reached the immaculate milestone of 20 points and 10 assists. Not only was this his 2nd career double double, but he finally scored 20 points in a game. His 20-10 statline temporarily put him alongside the ranks of the elite point guards in the NBA. He reached basketball immortality!1

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Knicks Kicks of the Night: 11-08-19 vs. The Dallas Mavericks

The French Prince, Frank Ntilikina, is getting all the shine in this edition of Knicks Kicks of the Night.

Last night, Frank put on a show and led the Knicks to a huge win in the Undefeated X Nike Kobe Protro “Team Orange”. This collaboration is with long time Los Angeles-based sneaker and streetwear shop, Undefeated. The shoe is included in the Nike Kobe 4 Protro Undefeated Pack, which includes 3 other shoes for NBA athletes who are members of Team Kobe. It was released on Mamba Day, Kobe Bryant’s Birthday, August 24th 2019 and retail for $180.

Frank is Here

Last night in Dallas, Frank Ntilikina became the third Knick ever to compile four steals, three blocks, four dimes, and six boards in a game, the only others being Patrick Ewing and Michael Ray Richardson, per

As Tommy Beer pointed out, he’s also the youngest Knick to pair those block and steal numbers with four made threes, as well as the youngest player in NBA history to pull off the feat.

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The French Embargo has been Lifted: Frank to Start

David Fizdale hasn’t been known as a flip-flopper so much as someone who says what he needs to say if and when it’s convenient, even if the logic behind a new statement contradicts something he said earlier.

(Really though, all coaches do this shit. They just don’t have seven different media outlets, not to mention yahoos like me, covering their team 24/7)

Regardless, most Knick fans couldn’t care less about his latest convenient logic, and are simply teeming with excitement over the fact that Frank Ntilikina getting a start for the New York Knicks.

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Training Camp Day 2: Frankie front and center

Frank Ntilikina was all anyone wanted to talk (or write) about after Day 2 of camp. Chris Iseman and Marc Berman each put out pieces detailing why both he and Fiz think Ntilikina’s FIBA experience this summer will pay huge dividends. You can also check out the full video of Fizdale’s thoughts on his third-year pro in SNY Tweet above.

Mike Vorkunov: News & Notes from Day 1 of Camp


If you’re not a subscriber to The Athletic, I’d strongly consider it, if for no other reason than to read Vork’s stuff. He’s always good for a tidbit other writers may not have, and always comes with the advanced stats, if you’re into that sort of thing. One note from his piece from Day 1 of training camp: The last Knicks player on the practice court was Frank Ntilikina, who was shooting corner 3s with assistant coach Keith Smart.