Frank is Here

Last night in Dallas, Frank Ntilikina became the third Knick ever to compile four steals, three blocks, four dimes, and six boards in a game, the only others being Patrick Ewing and Michael Ray Richardson, per

As Tommy Beer pointed out, he’s also the youngest Knick to pair those block and steal numbers with four made threes, as well as the youngest player in NBA history to pull off the feat.

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(Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

Last year, I wrote a piece suggesting it’d be wise to move Damyean Dotson at the deadline. I figured his value would never be higher: a consistently solid two-way performer who fit the big 3-and-D mold most contenders covet and still had an extra year on his contract at only $1.62M…

Perry stood pat. Fine. I like Dot. Everyone likes Dot. He’s a good player. He’s the sort of player every good team has, and we hope to get there sooner rather than later, so sure, why not?

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The One Thing I Want To See From Kevin Knox

We say it every year. We mean it every year.

“This season is all about the development of our young core.”

If the Knicks exceed expectations this season on the backs of veterans on (essentially) one-year deals – Marcus Morris, Wayne Ellington, Taj Gibson, etc.,  the exhilaration of winning would still be a welcome change, make no mistake. Knicks fans would still get excited about the wins, but there would be a shallowness to that excitement. Most of us would deeply prefer to see promising play from RJ Barrett and demonstrable improvement from guys like Mitchell Robinson, Frank Ntilikina, and Dennis Smith Jr.

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P&T: A tribute to Lance Thomas, longest-tenured Knick


BennyBuckets71 of Posting & Toasting penned an ode to a guy that you may not have loved or even liked when he stepped foot on the court, but who every Knicks fan should respect the hell out of: Lance Thomas. I was always in Thomas’ corner, specifically for the reasons detailed in the piece. In an era where we actually have to ask the question, “does being a Knick still matter to people?” it certainly did to this dude.

Also, fun bonus: the piece lists the name of every Knick teammate Lance had during his tenure. What a walk down memory lane.

Beer: Knicks have legitimate reasons to be optimistic this summer

Tommy Beer released a piece on Sunday that does a great job outlining why the Knicks’ confidence in attracting free agents this summer is justifiable.

  • A new world order: “As proof of the change in perception in and around NYC, consider that just three years ago, when Durant became an unrestricted free agent for the first time, KD didn’t even extend an invitation to Knicks president Phil Jackson to helicopter out to the Hamptons. Whereas today, many of the NBA’s most plugged-in reporters and league personnel alike, consider it all but a fait accompli that Durant will sign with New York three months from now.”