Knicks History

On This Date: Patrick Ewing’s number retired and Anthony Mason passes away

Relive Patrick Ewing Night and remember the career of Anthony Mason

On This Date: Mr Big Shot strikes in Miami and Ewing returns to MSG

Relive Mr. Big Shot's big shot against the Heat and Patrick Ewing's return to MSG.

On This Date: Terry Cummings scores 18 to help the Knicks defeat the Bucks

In a season with many injuries in the frontcourt, relive how newly acquired backup Terry Cummings energized the team to victory

On This Date: Knicks win Shooting Stars Competition during All Star Weekend

Relive the moment where the Knicks win a All Star Weekend event for the 1st time since Nate Robinson won the dunk contest.

On This Date: Knicks officially buyout Stephon Marbury

The Knicks finally waived Marbury

On This Date: Melo’s first game as a Knick

Relive Melo's first game with the Knicks

On This Date: Knicks acquire Melo

Revisit the Melo trade

On This Date: Knicks trade Rod Strickland

Relive the reasons why the Knicks traded Rod Strickland.

On This Date: Tracy McGrady’s first game as a Knick

Relive T-Mac's Knick debut

On This Date: Linsanity strikes against the Mavs

Relive one of the final moments of Linsanity

On This Date: Nate Robinson wins the 2006 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Revisit the Nate Robinson Dunk Contest controversial victory along with a few other special moments on this date.

On This Date: Knicks sign JR Smith

Relive the moment where JR Smith flew in from China to sign with the Knicks

On This Date: David Lee wins Rookie-Sophomore Game MVP

relive David Lee's MVP performance during the 2007 Rookie-Sophomore Game.

On This Date: Knicks acquire Tim Thomas

revisit the tim thomas trade that occurred during the 2004 NBA All Star Weekend.

On This Date: Linsanity hits Toronto

On Valentine's Day, Linsanity invades Toronto

On This Date: Eddy Curry hits game-winning alley-oop to beat the Lakers

Revisit Eddy Curry's game-winning alley-oop dunk against the Los Angeles Lakers.

On This Date: Knicks defeat the Spurs in Spree’s return to MSG

Knicks defeat the Spurs, but off-court drama steals the spotlight

On This Date: David Lee chosen as NBA All-Star February 11th 2010: David Lee is selected to the NBA All-Star Game.   David Lee made his first NBA All-Star Game (and first Knick since the...

On This Date: Linsanity Part 3: Lin scores 38 to defeat the Lakers February 10th 2012: Jeremy Lin scores 38 points to defeat Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers On a Friday night nationally televised broadcast that...

On This Date: Several Knicks honored in the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players Ceremony

Recognizing the Knicks who made the NBA's 50 greatest players list in the 1996-97 season.

On This Date: Knicks fire Derek Fisher

Relive the very short Derek Fisher era

On This Date: Knicks trade Willy Hernangomez

Revisit the Willy Hernangomez trade

On This Date: Day 2 of Linsanity and KP’s devastating ACL injury February 6th 2012: Jeremy Lin makes his first start and helps beat the Utah Jazz Day 2 of Linsanity gives Jeremy Lin his first career...

On This Date: Knicks break 15 game road losing streak

Relive the moment where the Knicks finally break a 15 game road losing streak.

On This Date: The Birth of Linsanity

Relive the game that gave birth to Linsanity