KFS Analysis

Kevin Knox is thriving with Allonzo Trier’s touches

  • Kevin Knox became the first Knick rookie to post eight straight 15+ point games since Patrick Ewing in 1985.
  • What happened to suddenly jumpstart his scoring?
  • Look no further than the players who are having their minutes and touches replaced.

Where we’re at with Frank Ntilikina

  • Frank Ntilikina found himself stuck on the Knicks bench again on Christmas Day.
  • While some fans clamor for the young point guard to receive more playing time, is David Fizdale warranted in taking away his minutes?
  • Does Frank Ntilikina receive less rope than other players on the roster who battle through shooting slumps?

Why it’s time to move on from Enes Kanter, like right now

  • Jonathan Macri is not one for hot takes, but after dwelling and dwelling and dwelling, he has reached the point where he can't hold back his feelings on Enes Kanter.
  • Macri discusses why it's time for the Knicks to move on from the center acquired in the Carmelo Anthony trade.

Noah Vonleh: The Perfect Backup Plan or a Genuine Trade Asset?

  • Noah Vonleh has turned a non-guaranteed contract into a guaranteed future in the NBA.
  • Jonathan Macri considers whether Vonleh has earned himself a future back-up role with the Knicks, or whether he has become a useful trade piece.

The final grade in evaluating the Knicks rebuild so far

  • Mike DeStefano wraps up his four-part series on the main components that can help us evaluate how the Knicks are progressing in a season that won’t be evaluated in wins and losses.

Grading the Knicks’ ability to establish a new identity in trying to change their...

Mike DeStefano continues his four-part series on the main components that can help us evaluate how the Knicks are progressing in a...

The Godfather of Knicks Trades

As an Italian kid who grew up in Staten Island, I have a particular affinity for The Godfatherand, obviously, The Godfather Part 2, which...

Who should the Knicks call about a potential Courtney Lee trade?

As Courtney Lee finally returns to the lineup, Dave Early lists out possible trade destinations that would help the Knicks 2019 salary cap outlook.

Development of individual talent: Grading the Knicks progress so far

Mike DeStefano continues his four-part series evaluating the development of the Knicks. In this part, he puts his grading hand to individual player development.

Where Frank Ntilikina’s struggles began and what the Knicks should consider before entertaining any...

As multiple teams have expressed interest in Frank Ntilikina, the Knicks might be reaching a point where they decide to move on from the 2017 lottery pick. Before they even think of doing this, there is a lot to consider. Dave Early tries to explain.

Unlocking the Frank Ntilikina mystery

The questions surrounding Ntilikina not only center around what (he is), but how (the coaching staff is using him), why (he can't hit a shot), when (they're going to try him at point guard again), who (he should be playing with) and where (he'll be after the February trade deadline). Jonathan Macri tries to make some sense of it all.

The Knicks Lineup Discussion with Posting and Toasting

Jonathan Macri and special guest @Shwinnypooh from Posting and Toasting share their email exchange about the Fizdale's lineup decisions. Part II of this exchange will appear on Posting and Toasting's site on Monday.

Leadership in Suits: Grading the Knicks front office so far

There’s a right way to rebuild, and there’s a wrong way. In this four-part series, Mike DeStefano will look at four main components that can help us evaluate how the Knicks are progressing.

Should the Knicks consider trading for Markelle Fultz?

The contributors of Knicks Film School give their opinions on Fultz.

The Knicks 3-game winning streak FAQ

The Knicks have won three in a row against quality opponents. Jonathan Macri walks you through what this all means.

The Curious Case of Emmanuel Mudiay

Jonathan Macri discusses whether we should be excited about Emmanuel Mudiay's recent play.

Leading by example: Why Courtney Lee has an important role to fill before being...

Michael DeStafano kicks off a four part series on the main components of "tanking" which is the word often used to describe the process of developing young players at the cost of winning.

Don’t let the early season results sour you to Kevin Knox

Tiffany Salmon pumps the brakes over any concerns of Kevin Knox's slow start.

Is Enes Kanter Tradable?

Jonathan Macri examines if it's possible to trade the big man with an even bigger expiring contract.

For Frank Ntilikina, could less be more?

Jonathan Macri reminds us not to panic over Frank Ntilikina's playing time.

Better situation for KD: The Knicks or the Clippers?

Is it right to dismiss the idea that the Knicks are an attractive destination for Kevin Durant in 2019?

Knicks Numbers, Part 1

The Knicks are second to last in the league in assists. Should we be concerned?

Damyean Dotson and the art of drafting in the second round

How the Knicks found Damyean Dotson in the second round out of nowhere.

Is the Trey Burke comeback on its last legs?

Has Allonzo Trier ruined Trey Burke's comeback story?

Tim Hardaway Jr. is scorching hot, but so is whoever he is guarding

After Tim Hardaway Jr.'s scorching offensive night against Indiana, David Early does what any film school site would do, and breaks down his defense.