KFS Analysis

A Knick Fan’s Spiritual Guide to the Offseason

These are tense times for supporters of the Knicks. With arguably the most pivotal offseason in franchise history now three weeks away from getting...

Celebrating Swin Cash

This article is written by Tiffany Salmon. I often think about women in sports and what it takes to excel in their field while also...

Future Focus, Part IV: Optimism for Everyone Else

With only 14 games left, we can enjoy (or tolerate) this final stretch focused on what was supposed to be our top priority all...

What to watch for from the young Knicks down the stretch

The games stopped having meaning a long time ago, but what happens on the court still has some importance to a select group of...

Ranking the Top 10 Potential Knicks Lottery Representatives

It’s March. In New York, that means three things: We start to lie to ourselves that it is almost warm We all pretend we...

Future Focus, Part III: Dennis Smith, Jr.

It's been a long season. Over these last 18 games, let's just try to enjoy ourselves by focusing on what was supposed to be...

The Emmanuel Mudiay Conundrum

David Fizdale has a soft spot for Emmanuel Mudiay. This much is obvious. Jonathan Macri decided to take a look at just how warranted,...

Future Focus, Part II: Mitchell Robinson

The trade deadline has come and gone, and the Knicks were MAJOR players. Now that the dust has settled – vets gone, cap space...

How Dennis Smith Jr. fits with Frank Ntilikina

Dennis Smith Jr. and Frank Ntilikina could be the Knicks' backcourt of the future.

Mitchell Robinson is just getting started

Remember Little Shop of Horrors? The horror/sci-fi/rom-com/musical period piece from 1986? The description says all you need to know. It should have been too audacious...

Focusing on the Youth, Part 1: Frank Ntilikina

The trade deadline has come and gone, and the Knicks were MAJOR players. Now that the dust has settled - vets gone, cap space...

Grading each aspect of Kevin Knox’ game at the All-Star Break

This is a season of development for the Knicks. We always knew it would be. Things have gone as planned (well, sort of). The Knicks...

A calm Knicks trade deadline before the impending storm

After a slow trade deadline, the real fun for the Knicks begins in earnest. A look at where things stand now and in the...

The Porzingis trade didn’t alter the plan, it amplified it

Are the Knicks deviating from their plan or following it? Sit here, children…plenty of room down in front. Take a pillow if you like. There’s...

Did the Knicks do their due diligence on the KP trade?

It's been a few days. That the Unicorn will now be hobbling flying over rainbows in the land of meat and cheese has officially sunk...

The Kristaps Porzingis Trade Postmortem

Almost one year ago to the day (and two blogs ago for me personally) I wrote a story the day after Kristaps Porzingis went...

KFS Teacher’s Lounge: What to do about Anthony Davis

The basketball world experienced an 8.2 on the Richter scale on Monday after Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Anthony Davis had informed the New Orleans Pelicans...

A midseason review of Allonzo Trier

Taking a look at Allonzo Trier of the New York Knicks at the mid-way point of the undrafted rookie's season.

What to make of the Knicks reportedly shopping Tim Hardaway Jr and Courtney Lee

  • Rumor has it the Knicks are looking to trade Tim Hardaway Jr. and Courtney Lee to unload their salary beyond this season.

Is Frank Ntilikina the answer to all of David Fizdale’s lineup shuffling?

  • If you sort through the Knicks lineup stats, you will find Ntilikina's name included in the top units, so why isn't he getting more burn with those combinations?

Why Frank Ntilikina’s greatest weakness should keep him in a Knicks uniform

  • Frank Ntilikina doesn't score a lot, often deferring to his teammates, and that's a good thing.

A Small Favor at the Knicks Halfway Mark

  • Watching the Knicks through the first half of this season has been like watching a bad movie, hoping it turns out great.
  • What do the Knicks need to do to make our time worthwhile during the second half?

KFS Teacher’s Lounge: What Should the Knicks do with Enes Kanter?

  • Enes Kanter has been unhappy with his new role coming off the bench.
  • Meanwhile, rumors are circulating that the team is looking to trade him.
  • Join us in the KFS Teacher's Lounge to hear what some of our KFS professors think the team should do with Kanter.

Navigating the Kristaps Porzingis news cycle

  • There has been rumblings that re-signing KP isn't a foregone conclusion.
  • It's been well documented the Garden isn't known to be the best place to work.
  • So what does this all mean to our favorite unicorn?

Happy Thoughts for a Happy New Year

  • Celebrate the New Year by letting your imagination go wild in thinking about how this Knicks team will look with the return of a player we know very well.
  • As much as the focus is on free agency and the next draft, let's not forget about the star the Knicks already have in waiting.