Clyde’s Game 7 jersey up for auction

Courtesy of LeLands vis New York Daily News

The jersey Walt “Clyde” Frazier wore during Game 7 of the 1970 NBA Finals will be auctioned off, starting at $15,000, according to Stefan Bondy.

  • Perhaps the most iconic game in Knicks history, the Knicks won Game 7 over the Lakers to secure the franchise’s first championship. After Willis Reed inspired the team by limping out from the tunnel and scoring the first two baskets, Clyde took over, finishing with 36 points and 19 assists.
  • The jersey will be auctioned at the Lelands Spring Classic 2019 Auction. Bidding started Tuesday and will continue through the first week of June.

Fan in Houston chants “New York Knicks” at Durant

A fan was heard chanting “New York Knicks” at Kevin Durant during Game 4 of the Western Conference semifinals in Houston.

Who is this fan? We can guess…

Of course, the Knicks did have a scout listed as being in attendance:

However, it seems like it was actually Rockets fan, Alex Ellerbusch, whose Twitter profile says “Attempted owner of KD head space.” He claims he was the fan chanting “New York Knicks” and he has pictures from his seat location and the ticket stub to prove it:

Knicks nemesis Reggie Miller acknowledged the fan during TNT’s telecast. “The fans behind us screaming out, ‘New York Knicks’ to Kevin Durant while he’s at the free throw line,” Miller said. “Does he know something that we don’t know Kevin?”

Play-by-play announcer Kevin Harlan laughed, and responded, “What, is this breaking news?”

WATCH: David Fizdale on MSG 150

On the debut of MSG 150, David Fizdale sat down with Alan Hahn to discuss the Knicks season and offseason. Some highlights:

  • Training one-on-one with Knox. “I’ve been in the gym with Kevin Knox for a week already…For some reason, Kevin and I both had the itch…We started texting after one of the playoff games. We were planning for the week after…I told him in the exit meetings I said listen, ‘I’m going to grab you most of the summer one-on-one, just you and I.’ And so he was obviously up for that.”
  • Learning from the playoffs: “We are going to hit the Western Conference Finals and the Eastern Conference Finals, with different guys, different coaches. But we definitely want these young guys to feel that environment and the intensity that comes with it.”
  • Positive signs: “I think our guys, the way they stuck with it, no matter what was going on. You never saw them lay down. They kept battling…You never heard them go after each other, you never heard them blame. They just owned it and said, ‘okay, we will be ready for the next one.’ Behind the scenes, I wish the fans could really see the work and the respect that they really have for the game. They get there early, the leave late.”

Fizdale continued his discussion on MSG 150 by touching on coaching while maintaining his popularity among players, the historical significance of being part of an African-American led front office, the growth of Emmanuel Mudiay, and more:

MSG defends CEO James Dolan against lawsuit

James Dolan is being sued by MSG shareholders who claim he is overpaid for his work as CEO of the sports and entertainment company.

In response: An MSG spokesperson released a statement to Pitchfork, who originally broke the story, claiming the suit was filed by a “single plaintiff” and highlighting that Mr. Dolan has “generated tremendous shareholder value” for the company.

“The single plaintiff in this suit—Shelby Willcox and the Norton C. Willcox Testamentary Trust—was found by a firm, Purcell Julie & Lefkowitz LLP, that sends out press releases fishing for clients. Under Jim’s leadership, MSG has generated tremendous shareholder value, including a stock price return of nearly 40%, equivalent to a $2 billion increase in market cap, since he became CEO in November 2017. A substantial portion of Jim’s compensation are options that are priced at a significant premium—creating additional incentive for him to continue growing the company and creating value for shareholders.” 

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Mitchell Robinson says Knicks are like a family

Mitchell Robinson is the type of player the Knicks want to build around. The rookie stand-out was the brightest spot of a dismal 2018-19 season, and he told the Knicks during his exit interview that he feels very comfortable playing in New York.

Steve Mills relays a conversation the front office had with Robinson on the debut of MSG 150 on MSG Networks. An excerpt was provided in advance to the New York Post.

“Mitchell Robinson is one of our favorite guys in terms of how we’ve seen him grow as a young man, but he said the funniest thing to us in the exit interview,” Mills said. “We said, ‘What do you feel about the environment?’ And he said, ‘This feels like a family.’ He said, ‘You guys around here, it seems like you’ve known each other for 80 years.’ And I’m like 80? Where does that number come from?’ But that’s what he feels about the organization and the people who work here. That’s part of what we are trying to build.”

Tune in to the debut of MSG 150 at 8:00 PM on Monday. The show will run 8-10:30 p.m. Monday-Thursdays for 10 weeks and feature guest analysts Swin Cash, John Wallace, Wally Szczerbiak and former MLB player Fernando Perez.

Ntilikina signs with Comsport

Frank Ntilikina has signed with Comsport to represent him for the 2019-20 season after leaving CAA back in March (as first reported by Mike Vorkunov).

  • Comsport is led by Bouna Ndiaye who represents several French players, including Rudy Gobert and Nicolas Batum.
  • Ntilikina was seen working out with Gobert last week.