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Did Frank Ntilikina play good defense despite James Harden’s 61 points?

  • James Harden tied a Madison Square Garden visitor scoring record with 61 points.
  • But he only shot 1-6 when defended by Frank Ntilikina.

Film Study: Analyzing Frank Ntilikina’s shooting form

  • Frank Ntilikina has struggled with his shot this season, particularly on catch-and-shoot threes.
  • David Early watched each of his shot attempts this season to see if he could identify an issue with his shooting form. Find out what he noticed.

Noah Vonleh, the Giannis stopper

  • Noah Vonleh has defended Giannis Antetokounmpo more than any other player in the league this season, and he has done a pretty good job, considering.
  • Giannis shoots only 52.1% when defended by Vonleh, which is below his 58.1% season average.

Knicks Film School: How the Knicks are getting creative for Kevin Knox

  • Kevin Knox is scoring in a variety of ways during his recent scoring stretch.
  • If you look back to his breakout game against Charlotte, you will see the Knicks are also sprinkling in some interesting plays to get him open looks.

Film School: Kevin Knox shows off his offensive repertoire vs Philadelphia

  • We are seeing a more confident Kevin Knox that can be measured through his scoring numbers, but if you watch how he is racking up those points, you can see he is starting to learn how he can score in an NBA offense.
  • We saw Knox's offensive repertoire on display vs Philadelphia, where he connected on threes, scored in transition, and attacked the rim from both the left and right in the half-court.

Knicks Film School: Breaking down Frank Ntilikina’s career night Frank Ntilikina had a career-high 18 points on French Heritage Night at Madison Square Garden. How...

Knicks Film School: How Kevin Knox countered each of his critics’ points

Watch how Kevin Knox responds point-by-point to the criticism he received from anonymous scouts and executives earlier this week.

Knicks Film School: Trey Burke clutch vs Boston

Watch how Trey Burke methodically led the Knicks to victory.

Knicks Film School: Damyean Dotson’s impressive defense vs Kawhi Leonard

While the Knicks got stomped in Toronto, there was an individual defensive performance that shouldn't be overlooked. Damyean Dotson stayed up on Kawhi Leonard and reminds us Frank Ntilikina isn't the only young defender on the team.

Knicks Film School: Frank Ntilikina locks up Trae Young

Frank Ntilikina held Trae Young scoreless into the third quarter of their match-up that the Knicks won 112-107. And it wasn’t from contesting a lot of shots. It was from Frank playing like an All-Pro cornerback, draped all over his man, giving no space or opportunity to make a play happen.

Knicks Film School: Why the Bulls were effective in trapping Allonzo Trier

Allonzo Trier has surprised everyone with his play through the first few weeks of the season. He finally met an adjustment against the Bulls when they trapped him early and often. The Knicks were unprepared for this, with teammates watching instead of cutting, and Trier losing his dribble too quickly. All part of the learning process. It will be interesting to see how the Knicks react to this going forward.

Knicks Film School: Mitchell Robinson’s length on display vs Washington

Mitchell Robinson still has plenty to learn in the NBA, but something you can’t teach is length, and we are seeing how he uses it to impact games already.

Film Cut: Pushing the ball off misses

David Fizdale emphasized all through Summer League and training camp the importance of using forwards to rebound and push the ball off misses. Without Kristaps Porzingis, the Knicks need to create easy baskets in transition in order to have an efficient offense. In the play highlighted above, you can see how Lance Thomas keeps the ball off the rebound, instead of handing off to the nearby guard, and how that creates a mismatch on the other end.

Film Cut: Frank Ntilikina’s perfect technique vs pick-and-roll

Watch how Frank Ntilikina covers space between the ball-handler and pop man to defend this pick-and-roll play.

Knicks Film School: A Vocal Mitchell Robinson

Rasheed Wallace took time to work with Mitchell Robinson over the past few days. We saw an immediate impact in the way Robinson asserted himself on the court, trying to be more vocal in calling out defensive coverages. The players still need to learn how to react off each other, but it's a good start.

Film Study: Why the Frank we saw vs Golden State is the real one

@FrontOfficeEye shows why the "aggressive Frank" we saw vs Golden State is not a flash in the pan, but something that simply needs to be unleashed.

Knicks Film Study: Tim Hardaway Jr. Off Ball Skillset

@FrontOfficeEye takes you into the film room on Tim Hardaway Jr.'s off-ball skillset.

Knicks Film Study: Noah Vonleh stands tall vs Giannis and Bucks

Noah Vonleh has been impressive since grabbing the final roster spot on the Knicks. He did a little bit of everything in New York's loss to Milwaukee

Knicks Film Study: Knicks Double Pindown

@FrontOfficeEye breaks down double pindown variations we have seen from the Knicks early in the season.

Knicks Film Study: How Caris LeVert Beat the Knicks

Caris LeVert made a driving basket to beat the Knicks against his fellow Michigan alum Tim Hardaway Jr. Let's take a look at where the play went wrong.

Knicks Film Study: Frank Ntilikina vs Screens

Don't just watch the player Frank Ntilikina is directly matched-up against to evaluate his impact on defense. Take note of how he manages the battle against the opposing team's screener to see why he is so difficult to score against.

Knicks Film Study: Noah Vonleh, a subtle spark

The Knicks had an historic second quarter in their opening win against Atlanta. While there were plenty of highlight dunks (looking at you, Allonzo Trier), there were also some subtle plays that sparked the run. I thought Noah Vonleh provided a stable force to help the offense get going.