WATCH: Steve Mills and Scott Perry on offseason plans

Steve Mills and Scott Perry joined MSG 150 to discuss the offseason with Alan Hahn. Here are some highlights:

  • Shooting: “We want to add some guys that can shoot the basketball. The way the game is going now with the great number of three-point shots, you need guys who can make shots,” Perry said.
  • Identity: “When we went into the beginning season, we said, ‘when we come out at the end, we want to have developed an identity and a feeling inside the organization that the people feel like we are an organization that cares about them, as people, and as basketball players, we get our players better, and this is a place that they all want to come back to. And we accomplished a lot of those things over the course of this season,” Mills explained.

Odds for Kyrie favor the Nets?

The betting odds place Brooklyn’s chances of landing Kyrie ahead of the Knicks, and every other team, according to BR Betting.

  • Kyrie Irving has struggled over the past three playoff games against Milwaukee, and there are some hints of displeasure with the situation in Boston. Kyrie was seen leaving the floor before the final buzzer in the team’s Game 4 loss.
  • What this means: Betting odds are betting odds. The Knicks were recently given the fourth best odds in the Eastern Conference to win the 2020 NBA Championship. Sports books are taking advantage of the free agency hype to drive New York money into their hands.

Durant’s decision could come down to decision of others

The question of where Kevin Durant ends up this summer could come down to which player he is able to partner with, according to Adrian Wojnarowski [starts 4:12 mark of video above].

Woj says, “I don’t think there is any question that the Knicks are going to be a strong consideration [for Durant].” He then notes the importance of Durant being able to partner with a second star. The Knicks enter the summer with the most cap space to sign multiple star players, but the Clippers and Nets are two talked about destinations that can also create two max slots.

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Woj: Kawhi might meet with Knicks, but likely ends with Clippers or Raptors

Kawhi Leonard is the prized free agent this summer who is not named Kevin Durant. Adrian Wojnarowski was a guest on ESPN’s Get Up this morning, where he postulates Kawhi might take a meeting with the Knicks and teams with cap space, but he probably will sign with either the Clippers or Raptors.

If it comes down to money: Kawhi lost the chance to sign a super-max deal when he was traded from the Spurs. But Toronto can still offer him the most money at 5-years, $190 million, versus what another team can offer him at 4-years, $140 million.

Woj: Warriors are bracing for possibly a seismic change

Adrian Wojnarowski was a guest on ESPN’s Get Up show this morning and he indicated the Warriors are preparing for the possibility of Kevin Durant leaving the organization.

Woj explains: “Even internally in Golden State, there’s a sense of ‘let’s try to put aside what’s coming in July, we have a chance to do something very rare in sports, to three-peat, let’s try to keep our focus there, win a title, and then let July play out the way it’s going to.'”

However, Woj acknowledges: “But I think the Warriors are bracing for possibly a seismic change within that organization.”

Jared Dudley thinks Durant and Kyrie end up on Knicks or Nets

Jared Dudley believes Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will be taking their talents to New York City, he just doesn’t know which borough.

Of course, Dudley was part of the 2018-19 Nets team that found their way into the playoffs, before losing to Philadelphia. He is an unrestricted free agent this July, and there are rumors that he is interested in joining the Celtics.

Dudley recently made headlines when he commented, “(Knicks owner James) Dolan could burn down Manhattan and they’re going to talk about the Knicks, let’s be honest.”

Warriors plan to create West Coast MSG?

Rumors circulated last week about a potential show on MSG Networks for Kevin Durant. Of course, these are just rumors, and who knows if the CBA would allow for such arrangement, should the Knicks use the prospect as a recruiting tool to Kevin Durant, who is interested in building his brand off the court.

Meanwhile, the Warriors are moving towards content creation, themselves, in what could become a “West Coast MSG,” as Patrick Murray of Forbes calls it:

  • Think a West Coast Madison Square Garden-style sports and entertainment mega-company, complete with its own broadcasting platform, situated in the heart of Silicon Valley and you might be getting close.
  • Warriors COO Rick Welts: We’re spending a lot of time thinking about now that we’re in the live entertainment business are there things that we can create ourselves that we have ownership of that we then can scale way beyond what’s happening at Chase Center.”

Why this matters: As existing television rights deals expire, tech-driven teams are eager to move toward a system in which they own more of their content. Steve Balmer has talked about this concept for the Clippers. We are still some years away, but the business opportunities tied to a NBA franchise are only going to increase in the future. And that prospect is not limited to the New York market. Something to consider in hoping the business side of the game is what draws Durant to the Big Apple.

Opera Man pleas for Durant to come to the Knicks

Adam Sandler hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time (hard to believe), and made sure to make a plea for Kevin Durant to come to the Knicks, adding “and bring Kyrie.”

  • Sandler was a crew member on SNL from 1991-1995, when he originally portrayed the character “Opera Man” several times.

Even the Rangers are excited about Durant

New York Ranger defenseman Tony DeAngelo is as excited about Kevin Durant joining the Knicks as the rest of us.

Durant scored 46 points on 14-31 shooting in the Warriors’ Game 3 loss to Houston, leading to DeAngelo’s comment. At one point, Durant scored 10 points in 1:59 to begin the fourth quarter.


Early Vegas odds high on Knicks

The Knicks have the fourth highest odds in the Eastern Conference to win the 2020 NBA championship, trailing only the Bucks (9-2), Celtics (7-1), and 76ers (10-1).

  • Says who? The SuperBook at Westgate Las Vegas opened their 2020 NBA championship odds on Saturday.
  • Jeff Sherman, who oversees NBA odds at the SuperBook, believes the Knicks are the favorites to land Durant this summer and created their title odds accordingly. Sherman said the Knicks would be somewhere in the range of 300-1 if they aren’t able to land Durant or another of the high-profile stars who could be on the move this offseason.” [ESPN]

What this means: Everyone thinks Durant is going to the Knicks, so why not set the odds based on those expectations? This way, early bettors must juggle the optimism of Durant and company joining the Knicks with the reality of the current roster in deciding whether they enter the pot before free agency begins in July.