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Knicks lose to Nets

  • The Nets own the city (for now).

Did Frank Ntilikina play good defense despite James Harden’s 61 points?

  • James Harden tied a Madison Square Garden visitor scoring record with 61 points.
  • But he only shot 1-6 when defended by Frank Ntilikina.

Knicks Film School Podcast: Kelly Whiteside 18:20 mark: Jon and KFS's own Su York are joined by Kelly Whiteside of the New York Times. They talk about her career in journalism, the changing media landscape, and what her feelings are on the Knicks,...

Why the Knicks should trade Noah Vonleh

  • The Knicks gain no advantage in re-signing Noah Vonleh by keeping him on their roster, so they should trade him for an asset this season.

Explain how Tim Hardaway Jr’s trade kicker works

  • Tim Hardaway Jr. has a 15% trade bonus in his contract.
  • How much is that bonus worth now?
  • How does it impact his potential trade value?

Knicks Nation Germany Austria heads to London

  • The Knicks play in London this week, giving fans from around the world a chance to see them play in person.
  • The executives of¬†Knicks Nation Germany Austria preview their trip.