Knicks Dinged up for Friday; other PM news

A few Knicks are less than healthy heading into the second half of their home and home with the Wiz:

I’d bet against seeing either DSJ or Knox. In other news, Kentucky coach John Calipari graced the Knicks practice with his presence today, as did former Pistons champ Ben Wallace, who stuck around to work a bit with the New York bigs (Chris Iseman has the writeup here). Finally, Julius Randle was asked about the predictions for the Knicks this season, and he gave a colorful response (I love that he’s quickly becoming known for these):

Yahoo: NBA Salary Cap might decrease

Relevant news today from Keith Smith of Yahoo Sports, who reports that due to the continuing China situation, some teams are projecting the cap to decrease as much as 10 to 15 percent from it’s initial estimate of $116 million ($11 to $17 million, both of which would be below the current cap number of $109 million).

Translation: the Knicks could be one of the only teams with space. That probably won’t matter on the free agent front, what with the paucity of unrestricted talent available (although some teams with restricted free agents could more readily balk at matching pricy offer sheets). That said, the Knicks may get a chance to do what they bypassed this summer: rent out space in exchange for picks.

They didn’t do it this year, instead deciding to bulk up a roster that would foster competition for the younger players. If that experiment goes well, maybe they’re more willing to try the alternate path come February or July.