Commemorating the “Frank Ntilikina” moments from the early 2000s

Frank Ntilikina ended this portion of the 2019-20 season with a bang when he reached the immaculate milestone of 20 points and 10 assists. Not only was this his 2nd career double double, but he finally scored 20 points in a game. His 20-10 statline temporarily put him alongside the ranks of the elite point guards in the NBA. He reached basketball immortality!1

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Coming up Roses – Part 2

Another week goes by and still no basketball. I would listen to Marv Albert doing play-by-play while Reggie Miller and Chris Webber talk over each other as color commentators if it meant seeing a ball go in a hoop again. That’s how much I miss life not having some semblance of normalcy.

Since we’re still in a holding pattern, I’ll use this opportunity to continue breaking down the Knicks’ salary cap options. This week’s exercise: What happens if the Knicks used their cap space to sign multiple players to long term contracts?

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