Retaining Scott Perry is not apocalyptic, but rather reasonable

The Knicks exercised their mutual team option to retain Scott Perry as the team’s General Manager through the 2020-21 season. The Knicks had until Friday May 1st to exercise the team option. Upon reading Steve Popper’s tweet, Knicks Twitter1 went on a rant dismissing the move, including our fellow KFS dean Mr. Jonathan Macri.2

When the smoke dissipates and the hot takes cool down, fans will learn that this move actually makes sense in the times of COVID-19. It’s an overall low risk move that allows Leon Rose some wiggle room to better evaluate the front office personnel under a different directive from previous regimes. Despite what people may believe, Perry does provide the experience that Rose lacks and can help bridge the transition from the end of the regular season into the NBA Draft and Free Agency. These characteristics are quite akin to what some NBA and Knick personalities saw when lauding a couple of the hires in the Windy City. But alas, doubters will always doubt.

I’ll try to quell many of these doubts below:

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Wood You Do It?

So I began writing Part 2 of my series on possible off-season avenues for the Knicks and I realized something: I have a take. It’s not exactly blistering but it’s something I want to present before I continue the series and talk about this team adding multiple long term contracts.

The main goal of my series is to present opportunities with pros and cons. Sure, my own recommendations appear to guide each plan, but ideally it’s all open to interpretation. I want you, the reader, to evaluate players and plans on your own, while using my own machinations as a basis.

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Coming up Roses – Part 1

With no basketball being played and a new salary cap figure incoming, there’s nothing we can discuss about the present and we have trouble accurately gauging what the near future looks like. And seeing as how Leon Rose hasn’t said anything to give us an indication of what New York will do next, we’re left speculating.

Last week I provided the blueprint for what I hope to explore over the course of this series. The goal is to evaluate multiple short term and long term scenarios involving the Knicks, albeit with fluctuating finances due to that pesky salary cap.

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Breaking Down the Knicks’ Salary Cap (and a Mailbag!)

In a different universe, today is the last day of the regular season for the Knicks. They’re about to conduct a search for a general manager and a head coach. The team is evaluating draft prospects. Life goes on as usual. Nothing is usual these days.

In the coming weeks I’ll be writing about various scenarios and how they affect the unpredictable salary cap moving forward, but first I wanted to set the tone, provide a Knicks payroll 101, and answer some questions. Thanks to some intuition of my own and the heavy lifting thanks to Early Bird Rights, here’s New York’s payroll through the next two seasons.

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