Tank Talk – March 5th

Nothing like a wire-to-wire loss, huh? Add in a dash of veterans playing in the fourth quarter while the Knicks are down 15+ points and you’ve got a nice stew going.

Portis shot incredibly well (certainly in the first half), Payton stuffed the stat sheet and made Mike Conley briefly consider retirement, and Julius Randle posted a very solid stat line despite multiple gaffes on defense, turning over the ball while driving into traffic, and forcing some unnecessary turnovers, including a Conley push that could have been avoided.

The youth was quiet, save for RJ Barrett, who was in foul trouble for much of the game because of a couple dumb mistakes. Mitchell Robinson was held out due to injury, Frank Ntilikina drew a couple charges and had a nice dunk, and Kevin Knox hit one shot.

So yeah, not a fun night in the least bit. The Knicks host Oklahoma City on Friday.

Recapping Last Night

Cavaliers won ❌

Pistons won ❌

Bulls won ❌

Timberwolves won ✅

Always a good night for the tank when a team worse than you wins. 5/10 tonight.

Tank Standings

Sim of the Day

Falling again – this time by three spots! Also, what’s up with the Pistons winning the first pick in two of the last three days?

Average pick: 4.5

Average jump/fall: 0

Games Tonight

Nuggets vs. Hornets

The Nuggets are good. The Hornets are bad.

Who we want to win: Hornets

Charlotte will probably lose, which would at least put the second round pick at tied for 37th overall and 1.5 games back from tied for 36th. In all honesty, if the Knicks keep losing, it makes it a lot easier to root against the Hornets. Until that happens though, the first round pick is more important.

Clippers vs. Rockets

Do I really need to elaborate?

Who we want to win: Rockets


Raptors vs. Warriors

You know the drill by now.

Who we want to win: Raptors

It’s unlikely they pull off the victory, but Stephen Curry is coming back and the Warriors winning can be a good thing.

However, if we’re being realistic here, the Knicks cannot catch the Warriors. So if this is indeed the case (and it is), we want the Raptors to win because of the Clippers pick. Toronto is only a game ahead of the Clippers, so ensuring Los Angeles doesn’t pick lower than 28 is important.

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