Tank Talk – March 4th

One thing I’ve been mulling is if I want to include Knicks games in here. I recognize that there are fans who, thanks to different lottery odds, don’t care about the tank nearly as much. In fact, those fans want the Knicks to continue winning.

So here’s the deal: unless it’s a crucial tank game, I’m not going to include the Knicks. For example, the Knicks are playing the Jazz at home. I won’t make fans choose. Sure, I probably want to see the Knicks lose and the Jazz win (depending on how playing time is doled out, of course), as it helps the Knicks’ odds and the Jazz winning could help them catch the Clippers. I recognize not everyone wants that outcome. So I’ll leave off games like that.

Recapping Last Night

Hornets lost ❌

Timberwolves won ✅

Thunder lost ❌

Clippers won ❌

Warriors won ✅

Raptors won ✅

Sixers lost ❌

Wizards won ❌

Very, very solid night for the tank. While the Clippers pick is decreasing in value, two teams “ahead” of the Knicks won. I give it a 7.5/10.

Tank Standings

Sim of the Day

Average pick: 3.7

Average jump/fall: 1

Moving on up! That’s twice in three days that the Knicks have avoided falling.

Games Tonight

Celtics vs. Cavaliers

The Cavs lost on Monday night and the Celtics blew a game to the Nets last night. Boston lost Jayson Tatum but gained Kemba Walker.

Who we want to win: Cavaliers

Regardless of New York’s outcome, the best thing is for the teams worse (and better) than the Knicks to win.

Thunder vs. Pistons

The Thunder have lost bigly recently and the Pistons have made the last two games extremely competitive.

Who we want to win: Pistons

The song remains the same here, as the Pistons are marginally better than the Knicks. Need them to be better than that.

Bulls vs. Timberwolves

Finally, a fun one!

The Knicks are almost squarely in between the two teams. The Timberwolves are quite bad despite a good win last night and the Bulls are pretty mediocre, so this game should be a shitshow.

Who we want to win: Bulls

This is admittedly a tough one. On one hand, the Wolves are worse than the Knicks, and we should be rooting for them to win. On the other hand, the Bulls have the fourth-toughest remaining schedule this season (the Wolves have the 14th). Is it better to root for the team that probably loses more games between now and the end of the season? I think so. The good news is that this game should be a positive regardless of the outcome.

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