On This Date: Knicks sign Lee Nailon


Photo Credit: Kathy Willens

October 30th 2002: The New York Knicks sign Lee Nailon

The New York Knicks signed Lee Nailon to a one-year contract to address a gaping hole at the forward position with Latrell Sprewell out for the first 5 games of the regular season with a hand injury and Antonio McDyess out for the entire season with a knee injury. Nailon, then 27, sought to provide the youthful energy the Knicks sorely lacked. Continue reading →


(Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

Last year, I wrote a piece suggesting it’d be wise to move Damyean Dotson at the deadline. I figured his value would never be higher: a consistently solid two-way performer who fit the big 3-and-D mold most contenders covet and still had an extra year on his contract at only $1.62M…

Perry stood pat. Fine. I like Dot. Everyone likes Dot. He’s a good player. He’s the sort of player every good team has, and we hope to get there sooner rather than later, so sure, why not?

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On This Date: Knicks acquire Sidney Green

sidney green.jpgCredit: Jonathan Daniel/Allsport

October 29th 1987: The New York Knicks acquire Sidney Green

The New York Knicks acquired Sidney Green from the Detroit Pistons for Ron Moore and a 1988 2nd round pick. The team sought a true power forward to align with Patrick Ewing. The idea of playing both Bill Cartwright & Patrick Ewing simply wasn’t plausible anymore. Having two centers in the lineup hampered the team’s big man depth and created additional vulnerabilities against the elite power forwards such as Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, and Kevin McHale, amongst others. Continue reading →

Former Knicks GM Al Bianchi passes away at the age of 87

Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images

Former Knicks GM Al Bianchi passed away from natural causes today at the age of 87. He served as the team’s general manage from 1987-1991 and oversaw playoff teams during his entire tenure.

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What’s the Point (Guard)?

Once Kevin Durant tore his Achilles, this year was going to be one of two things: 1) A potential playoff team, carried by another star, with a roster catered towards those two big name players or 2) A 17-win squad with a few starting-caliber players. If you don’t already know, it’s now the latter.

It’s only been three games – three games – and yet the season already feels like it’s slipping away from the Knicks. I truly, truly wish I was being overdramatic. And hell, maybe I am, but the near future feels incredibly daunting.

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On This Date: Knicks trade Travis Outlaw

October 27th 2014: The New York Knicks trade Travis Outlaw

The Travis Outlaw era lasted only thru one preseason. The Knicks traded Outlaw to the Philadelphia 76ers in a cap-saving deal for Arnett Moultrie. Additionally, the Knicks sent their 2019 2nd round pick and the option to swap 2nd round picks in 2018. The Knicks waived Moultrie, allowing Travis Wear to make the roster. Continue reading →

On This Date: Knicks receive Maurice Lucas in compensation deal from the Nets

October 25th 1981: The New York Knicks received Maurice Lucas as compensation for losing Ray Williams in free agency to the New Jersey Nets.

The New York Knicks received Maurice Lucas as compensation when Ray Williams left to sign with the New Jersey Nets. Before 1988, teams received compensation for losing players to other teams in free agency. Continue reading →

On This Date: Knicks acquire Spencer Haywood

October 24th 1975: The New York Knicks acquire Spencer Haywood

The New York Knicks acquired Spencer Haywood from the Seattle Supersonics for Gene Short and a 1979 1st round pick. The NBA Hall of Famer only enjoyed several years in his prime with the Knicks playing alongside future HOFer Bob McAdoo. Continue reading →

Life and Whatever Else #72 – Su York, Stephanie Enriquez & Tiffany Salmon

KFS’ own, Stephanie Enriquez (@stephy_825), Tiffany Salmon (@tiffstarr815), and yours truly (@SuYork_1023) were on the show “Life and Wherever Else” hosted by Eric Rivera (@EWRNYC1).  We sat down with Eric to watch the final Knicks’ preseason game against the New Orleans Pelicans.  We also discussed the NBA season, free agency, and other NBA issues including the NBA/China/Daryl Morey saga and Kevin Durant joining the Nets over the Knicks.

Watch and subscribe to the show on YouTube!  If you aren’t following the KFS Ladies on Twitter, you better do so as well!

10.24.19. Morning News: Knicks lose 120-11

So, so many recaps of last night’s game…

Allonzo Trier, Point Guard? Here’s How it Could Work

(Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images)

At first blush, the question is absurd on its face.

No, someone with the self-proclaimed nickname “Iso Zo” (it’s his Twitter handle, for crying out loud) and who teammates allegedly called out as a cancerous presence on the court at times last year should not man the position most directly responsible for ensuring others get to occasionally shoot the ball.

But then again, in the Bizarro World known as Knicksland, where having three nominal point guards really means you have zero, the Theater of the Absurd presents nightly double features (with free popcorn!)

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On This Date: Knicks acquire Bernard King

October 22nd 1982: The New York Knicks acquire Bernard King

The New York Knicks acquired Bernard King in a sign-and-trade with the Golden State Warriors in exchange for Micheal Ray Richardson. Little could anyone imagine that a trade of two NBA All-Stars would amount to one of the better trades in team history. Continue reading →

The One Thing I Want To See From Kevin Knox

We say it every year. We mean it every year.

“This season is all about the development of our young core.”

If the Knicks exceed expectations this season on the backs of veterans on (essentially) one-year deals – Marcus Morris, Wayne Ellington, Taj Gibson, etc.,  the exhilaration of winning would still be a welcome change, make no mistake. Knicks fans would still get excited about the wins, but there would be a shallowness to that excitement. Most of us would deeply prefer to see promising play from RJ Barrett and demonstrable improvement from guys like Mitchell Robinson, Frank Ntilikina, and Dennis Smith Jr.

However, there is no one whose development I’m more interested in watching this season than Kevin Knox. Continue reading →

On This Date: Knicks acquire Butch Carter

October 19th 1984: The New York Knicks acquire Butch Carter

The New York Knicks acquired Butch Carter, the brother of Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter, from the Indiana Pacers for a 1985 2nd round pick. Carter spent a season and some change mostly as the Knicks backup shooting guard. The Knicks waived him in the beginning of the 1985-86 season. Continue reading →