On This Date: Knicks acquire Doug Christie

October 13th 1994: The New York Knicks acquire Doug Christie

The New York Knicks acquired Doug Christie from the Los Angeles Lakers for two future 2nd round picks in 1997 and 1998. Christie was deemed expendable on the Lakers due to their depth at the guard positions. The Knicks felt a need to stockpile young assets in anticipation for the 1995 Expansion Draft.  Continue reading →

On This Date: Antonio McDyess fractures kneecap and is ruled out for the season

October 12th 2002: Antontio McDyess fractures his kneecap after a putback dunk and is ruled out for the remainder of the season

The 2002-03 season got off on a rough note with various injuries in training camp. The prospects of the regular season became even more grave when newly acquired Antonio McDyess fractured his left kneecap on a putback dunk against the Phoenix Suns with less than 2 minutes remaining in a meaningless preseason game. After the dunk, McDyess clutched his left knee. He walked off on his own, but slammed the scorer’s table knowing his injury was very serious. Continue reading →

Recap: Knicks 99, Wizards 115

Friday night was a good reminder of just how much of a roller coaster ride this season is going to be. There will be ups. There will be downs. There will probably be a few more downs than ups.

The important thing isn’t whether the Knicks win or lose games (although at some point, the record will become so bad – or, I suppose, so good – as to matter), but how they do it. If they’re coming out, especially on their home floor, looking like that as we get deep into the regular season, it’s a problem.

That said, I’m not worried…yet

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On This Date: Knicks host Maccabi Tel Aviv in preseason game

October 11th 2007: The New York Knicks host Maccabi Tel Aviv in Madison Square Garden for a preseason game

The New York Knicks hosted the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team for a preseason game in Madison Square Garden. Maccabi Tel Aviv had a long history facing NBA teams in exhibition matchups dating back to 1978. This was, however, their first time facing the Knicks. Continue reading →

Knicks Dinged up for Friday; other PM news

A few Knicks are less than healthy heading into the second half of their home and home with the Wiz:

I’d bet against seeing either DSJ or Knox. In other news, Kentucky coach John Calipari graced the Knicks practice with his presence today, as did former Pistons champ Ben Wallace, who stuck around to work a bit with the New York bigs (Chris Iseman has the writeup here). Finally, Julius Randle was asked about the predictions for the Knicks this season, and he gave a colorful response (I love that he’s quickly becoming known for these):

Yahoo: NBA Salary Cap might decrease

Relevant news today from Keith Smith of Yahoo Sports, who reports that due to the continuing China situation, some teams are projecting the cap to decrease as much as 10 to 15 percent from it’s initial estimate of $116 million ($11 to $17 million, both of which would be below the current cap number of $109 million).

Translation: the Knicks could be one of the only teams with space. That probably won’t matter on the free agent front, what with the paucity of unrestricted talent available (although some teams with restricted free agents could more readily balk at matching pricy offer sheets). That said, the Knicks may get a chance to do what they bypassed this summer: rent out space in exchange for picks.

They didn’t do it this year, instead deciding to bulk up a roster that would foster competition for the younger players. If that experiment goes well, maybe they’re more willing to try the alternate path come February or July.

On This Date: Knicks sign Dikembe Mutombo

October 9th 2003: The New York Knicks sign Dikembe Mutombo

In desperate need for a big man, the New York Knicks signed free agent Dikembe Mutombo, and his iconic finger wag, to a 2 year contract. Mutombo, then 37, still proved to be a shot blocker that the Knicks lacked for more than 2 seasons. Additionally, Mutombo was one of the taller Knicks on a roster that often featured big men shorter than 6’10.

Mutombo played in 65 games for the Knicks and averaged 1.9 blocks/game. His 123 blocked shots were the most in a season since Marcus Camby in 2001 and wasn’t surpassed until Amare Stoudemire in 2011 (150 blocked shots). He blocked 10 shots in a game against the New Jersey Nets in January 2004, a team record that still stands to this date.

Morning News Roundup

The biggest story in the NBA is quite clearly what’s going on with China. This may not seem like it directly effects the Knicks, but with so much of the NBA’s current and future revenue tied to China, there’s no team that this doesn’t touch. Speaking of not touching, ESPN isn’t going near this story, unsurprisingly. As for Knicks pieces you may have missed yesterday…

KFS Video: Knicks vs Wiz

Spencer Pearlman kicks off the KFS video work for the year with a Twitter thread featuring lots of stuff you may have missed from last night’s Washington game. This thread highlights some basic actions and reads, but check back all season long for some more creative video use from Mr. Pearlman.

Knicks vs. Wiz pregame Reading

Lots of stuff out there today to get you ready for the Knicks first preseason game in Washington, which we just found out will not include Bobby Portis, who has a contused left rib…

  • Chris Iseman on Fizdale’s starting five, which will include Elfrid Payton and not DSJ, thanks in part to Smith Jr’s back injury which isn’t apparently related to what he dealt with last yearm
  • Mike Vorkunov (if you have a subscription to the Athletic) on how the Knicks offense might look in the year ahead, and
  • Ian Begley with some video of Fiz from earlier today (who looks like he’s in a back alley somewhere), as well as a few good quotes.
  • Finally, Tommy Beer with a game preview for Forbes

There’s probably a few more out there I’m missing. Next time someone tells you the Knicks don’t matter any more, just show them this page and whisper the words “it’s still preseason…”

On This Date: Knicks sign Matt Barnes

October 6th 2005: The New York Knicks sign Matt Barnes

10 years (maybe even close to the date) before driving 95 miles to beat up one of his former teammates (and future Knick coach), the New York Knicks signed Matt Barnes to a preseason contract. Barnes spent his first two seasons in his home state of California, playing for both the Los Angeles Clippers & Sacramento Kings. Continue reading →