On This Date: The Knicks sign Michael Beasley & Ramon Sessions

August 8th 2017: The New York Knicks sign Michael Beasley & Ramon Sessions

Two of the first few acquisitions under the Scott Perry Era were Michael Beasley & Ramon Sessions. The Knicks signed both players to one year contracts. Beasley spent the previous season with the Milwaukee Bucks. He played serviceable minutes off the bench backing up Giannis Antetokounmpo and proved to be a consistent 6th man with his offensive prowess. Sessions played 50 games with the Charlotte Hornets in the previous season before missing most of the 2nd of the year recovering from a lateral meniscus tear in his knee.

For Beasley, the Knicks envisioned his role as a backup to either Kristaps Porzingis or Carmelo Anthony. After the Melo trade, Beasley easily became the team’s most consistent 6th man off the bench. Colloquially known as the “Walking Bucket,” Beasley shot over 50% from the field off the bench. After Kristaps Porzingis suffered a Torn ACL, Beasley took over as the team’s starting power forward. While not as efficient starting, Beasley continued to play effectively.

The Knicks envisioned Ramon Sessions to be the veteran point guard presence for Frank Ntilikina. Additionally, the Knicks signed Jarrett Jack shortly before training camp to reinforce that role. Sessions originally was the team’s starting point guard. However, he was ineffective at that role and quickly fell out of the rotation as Jack became the team’s starting point guard and Ntilikina became his backup. The Knicks waived Sessions to allow the team to promote Trey Burke to the NBA squad.

Beasley spent last year with the Los Angeles Lakers before being traded crosstown to the rival Los Angeles Clippers. The team waived him shortly after the trade. After the Knicks waived Sessions, he signed with the Washington Wizards. He spent a few months last year with Maccabi Tel Aviv, but left the team due to personal reasons.

Both players are currently free agents.


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