WATCH: Murray State coach on why Ja Morant would fit in New York

Ja Morant’s college coach, Matt McMahon, joined MSG 150 to discuss the lottery prospect that many mocks have slotted 2nd in the upcoming draft. Here are some highlights from the interview:

  • Could he handle New York? “He’s just such a special player. I think he’s gonna sell a lot of shoes, he’s gonna put people in seats because everyone wants to see what he’s gonna do next — whether that’s jumping over a 6-foot-8 guy to dunk on him or a lob pass from behind half court. He just plays the game in an exciting way that few people can match.”
  • Worried about small school? “I would laugh at them. If you look at his performances in our Power 5 games, he averaged almost 28 points a game, 8.5 rebounds. I think everyone tuned in and watched his dominant performance in the NCAA Tournament [against Marquette]. His game, if you know anything about basketball, speaks for itself.”

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