WATCH: David Fizdale on MSG 150

On the debut of MSG 150, David Fizdale sat down with Alan Hahn to discuss the Knicks season and offseason. Some highlights:

  • Training one-on-one with Knox. “I’ve been in the gym with Kevin Knox for a week already…For some reason, Kevin and I both had the itch…We started texting after one of the playoff games. We were planning for the week after…I told him in the exit meetings I said listen, ‘I’m going to grab you most of the summer one-on-one, just you and I.’ And so he was obviously up for that.”
  • Learning from the playoffs: “We are going to hit the Western Conference Finals and the Eastern Conference Finals, with different guys, different coaches. But we definitely want these young guys to feel that environment and the intensity that comes with it.”
  • Positive signs: “I think our guys, the way they stuck with it, no matter what was going on. You never saw them lay down. They kept battling…You never heard them go after each other, you never heard them blame. They just owned it and said, ‘okay, we will be ready for the next one.’ Behind the scenes, I wish the fans could really see the work and the respect that they really have for the game. They get there early, the leave late.”

Fizdale continued his discussion on MSG 150 by touching on coaching while maintaining his popularity among players, the historical significance of being part of an African-American led front office, the growth of Emmanuel Mudiay, and more:

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