Fan in Houston chants “New York Knicks” at Durant

A fan was heard chanting “New York Knicks” at Kevin Durant during Game 4 of the Western Conference semifinals in Houston.

Who is this fan? We can guess…

Of course, the Knicks did have a scout listed as being in attendance:

However, it seems like it was actually Rockets fan, Alex Ellerbusch, whose Twitter profile says “Attempted owner of KD head space.” He claims he was the fan chanting “New York Knicks” and he has pictures from his seat location and the ticket stub to prove it:

Knicks nemesis Reggie Miller acknowledged the fan during TNT’s telecast. “The fans behind us screaming out, ‘New York Knicks’ to Kevin Durant while he’s at the free throw line,” Miller said. “Does he know something that we don’t know Kevin?”

Play-by-play announcer Kevin Harlan laughed, and responded, “What, is this breaking news?”

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