Durant’s decision could come down to decision of others

The question of where Kevin Durant ends up this summer could come down to which player he is able to partner with, according to Adrian Wojnarowski [starts 4:12 mark of video above].

Woj says, “I don’t think there is any question that the Knicks are going to be a strong consideration [for Durant].” He then notes the importance of Durant being able to partner with a second star. The Knicks enter the summer with the most cap space to sign multiple star players, but the Clippers and Nets are two talked about destinations that can also create two max slots.

Kawhi’s decision: Woj said on the same ESPN Get Up show that while he thinks Kawhi could grant the Knicks a meeting, he will likely sign with either the Raptors or Clippers. Putting the two conversations together, Durant’s decision could come down to playing with Kawhi in LA, Kyrie in New York, or staying in Golden State.

What if Kyrie stays in Boston: If Kawhi signs with the Clippers and Kyrie stays in Boston, it could make things more difficult for the Knicks to offer a second star as enticing as Kawhi in LA or what Durant already has in Golden State. Of course, Durant could be seeking the opportunity to lead his own team, which New York would offer under this scenario. And you never know if an Anthony Davis trade scenario materializes.

Jay Williams offers his opinion on Durant’s fit with the Knicks at the beginning of the video. Of course, Williams hosts “The Boardroom” which features Durant and his agent Rich Kleiman, who also serve as the show’s executive producers.

  • The roster: Williams notes how the Knicks roster is limited as it stands, but believes they would make some moves to improve it if they signed Durant, adding that he thinks Mitchell Robinson is a legitimate center.
  • Fan + Media scrutiny: Williams also raises the question of the scrutiny of playing in New York, both from the fans and the media. He says it is something a player like Durant needs to consider in making his decision.

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