On This Date: Knicks officially buyout Stephon Marbury

February 24th 2009: The Stephon Marbury era officially ends

The New York Knicks finally agreed to a buyout with Stephon Marbury on this date.1 Steph hadn’t played a game for the team since January 2008. He was officially banished from the team early in the 2008-09 season after refusing to enter into the game.

As this was Marbury’s last year of his contract, the Knicks had no urgency to play him major minutes. Both Mike D’Antoni or Donnie Walsh attempted to negotiate a buyout with Marbury earlier in the year. However, conversations stalled after Marbury stormed out a meeting early in December.

The Knicks did give Marbury permission to speak to other teams. Eventually, the Boston Celtics found a need for him after various injuries to their guards. As a result, both parties agreed to a buyout allowing Marbury to join Boston shortly before the March 1st deadline for players to become playoff eligible.

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