KFS Teacher’s Lounge: David Fizdale Makes Me Feel…

It’s fair to say that through 50 games this season, David Fizdale has been the topic of discussion in Knicks fandom.  There are days when I feel like I am Fiz’s biggest cheerleader:

Then there are other days where I look at our performance and just feel:

In Part I of this discussion, I decided to consult with our Knicks Film School professors (writers) to answer the quintessential question: Fizdale Makes Me Feel?:

Su York:

Like I’m cheering for someone who has no intention of winning. I’m still cheering and praying really hard that he will show he knows how to use his players and win meaningful games next season. We can totally let this season slide and that’s the best part about it. So far, Fizdale is showing lots of passion and emotion on the sideline. I love that!  I expect that to continue next season with a set rotation as well as a real game plan. Right now he is working with what he’s got and the goal is to play well every single day. I have to accept this and constantly remind myself this is what it is and he is doing what he knows he has to do. Next season will be the real test.


Like I have at the beginning of every relationship I’ve ever been in: filled with hope, eating every word like a bowl of chocolate ice cream, but with the sneaking suspicion it’s all lies and that the hammer is going to come down when I least suspect it. It always did…and then I met my wife. Fizdale’s hair isn’t as nice as hers, but I’m still hopeful a similar result can transpire.

Stephanie Enriquez:

Frustrated. I want him to succeed so bad, but we don’t have any kind of offensive structure and that worries me. I also understand that this season was going to be rough, which makes me not want to judge him too hard.

Topher Demetris:

Like rebuilding is a very difficult job to do in NYC. Our team is the rawest in the league – a combination of rooks and reclamation projects. The roster was always going to be limited no matter who was the coach. I’ve seen a combination of success, loss (tank) management, and inconsistency all year. In my opinion. that was always the deal for this season. Development isn’t limited to just players and I believe Fiz is learning on the job too. There’s a method to his madness.


Optimistic. Say what you want about Coach Fizdale, and where he has the team currently, but he’s just working with what he’s been given. For the most part, each player on this roster has developed for the better in some way through the first half of the season. Especially our rookies. Looking forward to see how this team finishes out the season as the organization and Fiz prepare for a big off season.

Ernie Parada:

Respectable. It was not long ago that being a Knicks fan meant having to read insults in the media every day about dysfunction. Now you hear about players that choose to be here (well, ones not names Kristaps Porzingis, apparently), superstars who want to be here, and the possibility that one or two actually might join us. I get the feeling that he’s not coming in as a cure all, but as a guy who’s going to grow and develop with these guys, as one unit.
Concerned. A lot of the things Fizdale mentioned in the preseason have not come to fruition. Defense has not been made a priority and only certain players are being held accountable. The offense is stagnant and averages the fewest assists in the NBA despite Fizdale insisting on a one-second rule before the season. Fizdale has knowingly refrained from implementing a legitimate offensive system and instead uses simple building blocks of an offense that only caters to players that can create their own shot when they inevitably fail to breakdown defenses. I’m willing to give Fizdale the opportunity to mold this team in his image before I truly judge him, but I’ve seen some red flags during his tenure on the team that I can’t ignore.

Mike D.:

Like I’m a hypocrite. I’m patient with Frank, yet Fiz is also just a sophomore (151 games as HC).  With young players I cling to potential, yet with Fiz I find myself thinking he’s better as an assistant coach.  I see his current weaknesses – X’s & O’s, rotations, etc. – as permanent flaws while paying no mind to his strengths.

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