Knicks Nation Germany Austria heads to London

The New York Knicks Nation Germany Austria (NYKNGA) will travel to London to see the Knicks play against the Washington Wizards.

In prep of their trip, we thought it would be fun to hear what the three NYKNGA executives are thinking ahead of the game.

The interview below is conducted and translated by Thorsten Andratschke. He interviews Joe Zauner (president), Daniel Jahn (vice-president), and Daniel Hartmann (treasurer).

Describe what the club means to you?

Joe: When Daniels first asked me to do this, I was excited. We talked about doing something like this many times before, but nobody made the final steps to realize this fan club. It’s so great to be part of it and to have people around you, who share the same passion.

Daniel J.: This club means a lot for me. In particular because I‘m the Vice President and one of the twelve founders.

Daniel H.: A lot. The club is my, is our baby, we decided to establish the club and we live our passion for the Knicks through him.

What was your first reaction when you found out the Knicks would play a game in London?

Daniel J.: Oh man, I was extremely excited! In that moment it was clear that this should be our first big trip together!

Joe: Damn, I’ve been to the NBA Europe games in London in 2013 against the Pistons and 2015 against the Bucks. First I traveled alone, but in 2013 I met a few guys which was the beginning of our German-Austrian Knicks-fanbase. In 2015, we met again. And now, we are about 50 guys who come together there. This is fucking great.

Daniel H.: Goddammit, one of our aims is coming to reality sooner than expected. First London, then NEW YORK!!!

How many members will travel to London?

Daniel H.: 52, you really heard, 52 people. All with the same shirts! Can you believe it?!?

Daniel J.: 52 of 81 members!

What does this trip mean to you?

Daniel J.: Everything. We will have a lot fun together. And maybe meet one of the players from our beloved franchise in person!

Daniel H.: I’m as excited as I’ve ever been. Okay, except the birth of my two children and my marriage. But honestly, this is the biggest project in my entire life where I’ve been part of it.

Joe: Since I’ve heard that the Knicks would play in London, I’ve been excited to be there with my guys from the fan club. It’s a highlight for me in 2019.

Will you wear a uniform?

Daniel J.: Of course. We all will! Not only Knicks stuff, also I will wear our London game shirts.

Daniel H.: We will be wearing NY KNICK NATION GERMANY/AUSTRIA – NBA GLOBAL GAME LONDON 2019 shirts. And underneath I’m going to wear my all-time-favorite player jersey, Derrick Rose.

Joe: At the game I will wear the same T-Shirt as all the other guys from our fan club. And I will take my authentic white #85 Baron Davis Jersey with me.

What are you most excited about?

Daniel H.: To get to know all the members of the club personally. And especially the founding members. There are still some I haven’t met yet.

Daniel J.: I think both, the game and meeting our members!

Joe: I’ll see a few guys for the first time. And I really hope that we get the chance to see a Knicks player.

What do you think of the Wizards team?

Joe: Who? Sorry, I don’t care about them, Knicks first!

Daniel J.: I don’t really know why they are so bad right now. Sad that Wall and Howard will not play in London.

Daniel H.: And BAKER! I wish we had the chance to see him as a Wizard, but he is no longer with the team.

Which player are you most excited to see live?

Daniel J.: Everybody who knows me, knows the answer: Frank Ntilikina!

Joe: It would have been fun to see KP play near to his home, but obviously that won’t happen. So for me, it’s the rookies, Kevin Knox and Mitch Robinson.

Daniel H.: Michigan Squad 96 – WE ON – Timmy Hardaway jr. and Trey Burke – I love them both!

Who will win the game?

Daniel H.: Go New York go, go New York go …!

Joe: Hopefully the Knicks, and after this game they can go for the #1 pick again.

Daniel J.: Of course our NEW YORK KNICKERBOCKERS!

Find out more about the KNICKS NATION GERMANY-AUSTRIA club below:

Joe Zauner – Twitter: @joezauner

Daniel Jahn – Twitter: @jahn_deejay15

Daniel Hartmann – Twitter: @hombre4life

Thorsten Andratschke Twitter: @ThortschMann

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