Tim Hardaway Jr. playing through plantar fasciitis

Tim Hardaway Jr. is battling planter fasciitis, which involves inflammation of a thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of the foot and connects the heel bone to the toes (plantar fascia)1, according to David Fizdale.

Fizdale told reporters that the Michigan alum will “manage” the injury moving forward and will play when the Knicks face Philadelphia on Wednesday.

Hardaway Jr. had missed Monday’s game from what was called a sore heel on the injury report.

Planter fasciitis is not typically an injury that players recover quickly from. The Knicks plan on assessing Hardaway Jr.’s pain threshold in deciding how often to play him.

“He’s going to tell us,” Fizdale was recorded saying by The Record. “We’re going to treat it. The more he can tolerate, that’s how much what we’ll go with it. When he can’t take it anymore, that’s when we’ll give him rest.  One of those injuries is a real tender injury because you do everything with your heel.  He’s been battling for us. That’s why I love him.”

It is a bit curious why the Knicks, at 9-23, in a rebuild season, are looking to have their top scorer, who is due to make over $36 million over the next two seasons, play through a plantar fasciitis injury. Hardaway Jr. has suffered many bumps and bruises throughout the season, a few times taking hard hits to the head during games, only to keep on playing.

When Fizdale was asked if he has thought about shutting Timmy down, he responded “No,” according to Mike Vorkunov. “I gotta score some baskets. I can’t shut down Timmy. We need Timmy.”

Hardaway Jr. is averaging 21.0 points per game on 39.5% shooting (including 35.8% from downtown). After a strong start to the season, his shooting and defense have both regressed. Perhaps this plantar fasciitis injury explains why.

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  1. My two immediate thoughts are 1- why the **** is he playing!? And 2- suddenly I’m not so sure we shouldn’t trade him. Despite his contract being on the pricey side I mostly thought keeping THJr was a good idea for the team but with an injury that lingers like this I’m less sure…


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