On This Date: The Knicks acquire Dave DeBusschere and Patrick Ewing grabs a career high 26 rebounds

December 19th 1968:  The Knicks acquire Dave DeBusschere in a trade with the Detroit Pistons

The Knicks added an paramount player to their championship teams in Dave DeBusschere.  The Knicks traded Walt Bellamy & Howard Komives to the Detroit Pistons for DeBusschere.

The trade will forever be remembered as a coup for the Knicks.  DeBusschere was the perfect power forward for the team.  He was a tough defender, masterful rebounder, adept shooter, and a very intelligent player.

Adding DeBusschere allowed Willis Reed to play the center position and moved Bill Bradley to his comfortable position at small forward.  DeBusschere slotted right into the power forward position and immediately paid dividends for the Knicks.

This trade, along with the Earl Monroe & Jerry Lucas acquisitions, was integral to the championship run in 1970 and 1973.

December 19th 1992:  Patrick Ewing grabs a career high 26 rebounds

Patrick Ewing grabbed a career high 26 rebounds in a 91-87 victory against the Miami Heat.  Along with 24 points, Ewing’s contributions proved to be insurmountable for the inferior Miami Heat frontcourt.

Ewing’s 26 rebounds represented 1/2 of the Knicks’ total rebounding effort (51) tonight.  No other Knick exceeded the 26 rebound plateau until Tyson Chandler grabbed 28 in the 2012-13 season.

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