LeBron hints at Garden, but never seriously considered the Knicks last summer

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade played their final NBA game against each other on Monday night at Staples Center. And after the game, a conversation caught on camera has Knicks fans waking up to a dream that never happened. 

In talking to Wade after the game, Lebron tells him the only venues he considered appropriate for their final showdown, “It was either here [LA] or the Garden, that’s it.”

Before you get too crazy in thinking about LeBron alluding to wanting to play at the Garden, Joe Vardon of The Athletic reports, “According to multiple sources close to James, he meant that a final meeting with Wade was so special, it could only be held at a venue like Staples Center or Madison Square Garden — two history-rich arenas in the the glitziest and most glamorous cities in the NBA.”

This clarification was first reported by Michael J. Duarte of NBC LA.

Brian Windhorst of ESPN, who knows LeBron as well as anybody in the business, adds that LeBron was probably always thinking of going to LA, but after the way Phil treated Melo, it was a done deal.

Of course, the Knicks would have needed to create the necessary cap space to sign LeBron last summer, anyway. His biggest recruiter, Enes Kanter, would surely be gone, Noah stretched, and either Courtney Lee or Tim Hardaway Jr. packaged somewhere. Perhaps a draft pick would have been moved for the Knicks to rid themselves of these contracts.

Long story, short, LeBron probably wasn’t ever coming here. It remains a dream that never happened.