KFS Draft Watch: Jaylen Nowell Through 12/9

Jaylen Nowell is a 6’4, 200lb combo G with a ~6’7 wingspan playing for the Washington Huskies. Below are some scouting notes to add to the video above. Make sure to follow @frontofficeeye on Twitter and subscribe to Spencer’s YouTube Channel for more college breakdowns. Enjoy!

  • 86th percentile scoring, 90th scoring + assists (does not include good looks created that were missed)
  • Three level scorer with some nice passing instincts. 
  • Solid strength, wiggle driving, and handle (although that can get a bit loose at times). Can break down defenses.
  • Shows some craft finishing in the paint with a variety of floaters and soft touch finishes. 
    • 93rd percentile on floaters
    • 66th percentile around basket (18/29, good percentage for guard)
  • Solid vision. Can create plays out of PnR, uses lookaways and misdirections/fakes to create open looks, nice job taking 2 defenders and kicking out for open looks, solid in drive and kick situations, and does a nice job pushing ahead for looks in transition. 
  • Solid FTr at .382 and 8FTA/100. 
  • Good shooter.
    • Good three point shooter, 43.8% on 3.6/G
    • 81st percentile on all jumpshots
    • 66th percentile on off the dribble jumpers, 15/32 (nice percentage, good volume). 
    • 97th percentile on C&S
    • Solid read and replace guy and someone who can shoot off movement a bit, although he does need more work here
  • Good isolation scorer, 87th percentile. 
    • Can get into paint or shoot off dribble out of iso situations
  • Slightly turnover prone
    • Handle can get loose at times
    • Drives a bit into traffic, which can lead to some misses in the paint
    • Careless turnovers with passes
  • Can take some questionable jumpers

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