French NBA Insiders believe Ntilikina will be traded

The interview in the video above is from NBA EXTRA, which is a French TV NBA talk show. The discussion on Frank Ntilikina starts at 3’26. The conversation has been translated from French by the host of the French Knicks Pod.

There seems to be a lot of speculation in the conversation, but it’s interesting to see what two respected French journalists and one of the greatest French point guards to ever play had to say about Ntilikina’s situation in New York. They seem to believe that his fit with the Knicks is precarious and a trade is possible.

The conversation on NBA Extra is among Xavier Vaution, Remi Reverchon, and Jacques Monclar. 

Remi Reverchon and Xavier Vaution are two respected journalists for beIN Sport, both are followed on Twitter by Frank Ntilikina, himself.

Jacques Monclar is a French basketball player who competed in the 1984 Summer Olympics. He later held the position of the sports commission in the French National League of Basketball. Since 2012, he has been an NBA consultant with beIN Sport. In 2013, he became General Manager of the Levallois Basketball Club; and later, advisor to the President of the Levallois Basketball Club.


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Xavier Vaution: “Frank is still not traded, but soon.”

Remi Reverchon: “There is real concern in his place in New York.”

Then, Remi asks to Xavier the following question: “Do David Fizdale’s statements against Frank make the fact that we will no longer see him in the Knicks?”

Xavier’s answer: “Of course, we already know that his agent is currently with him, and we know since Sunday that it was [approved?]. There’s a reason why he does not play for a minute while he’s in good physical shape, and there’s a trade going on and that’s a certainty. And now there are noises all over the place, and for the moment New York does not find its way yet, but the departure of Frank is obvious from the discussions around him that there is no doubt about it.”

Remi asks a new question to Xavier: “The following four teams for a trade: Magic, Nets, Suns, Wizards?

Xavier’s answer: “Yes, it’s one of those, it’s exactly.”

Remi added: “Indeed these four teams have clearly shown interest for Frank Ntilikina.”

Then, Remi asks the following question: “Is Frank Ntilikina gone from New York?”

Jacques Monclar answers: “New York is trying and the situation is not good and it clearly does not smell good.”

Jacques Monclar adds: “Fizdale does not like players who are between two positions, and he does not like complete players. He wants players with specific characteristics. The situation is not good because Fizdale gives priority to Mudiay and Burke, and here it is extreme. So, leaving is the solution. Suns = good fit, Wizzards = good fit. The solution for Frank is a coach and an organization who wants him. Frank needs an environment that corresponds to what he is.”

Remi ends the sequence by saying: “That’s what we could say.”