Report: Knicks not actively shopping Ntilikina, but off-record executives believe he will be traded

The Frank Ntilikina rumors continue to swirl, as we have detailed here.

Several media outlets have reported that interest exists from a variety of teams for the former lottery pick. There has been no credible report to suggest the Knicks are looking to trade him, and there remains no report of them seeking a trade.

However, Chris Sheridan of Get More Sports reports that teams around the league believe Ntilikina will be wearing a different uniform by this year’s trade deadline.

New York is not actively shopping the No. 8 overall pick in the 2017 draft, but there is a clear sense among other teams that Phil Jackson’s other first-round draft choice — the one not named Kristaps Porzingis — will be wearing a different uniform by the time the Feb. 7 trade deadline passes.

Sheridan notes that New York is not “actively shopping” the French guard and adds that none of the executives sourcing the information would speak on the record.

The report indicates that while Phoenix and Orlando, two teams tied to Frank in recent rumors, are looking for a starting point guard, neither is currently involved in any discussions, according to well-informed sources.

Ntilikina has been a model citizen as he deals with these rumors and consecutive DNP-CDs. However, he did get a bit short, for Frank, in a media session in Boston following an extra round of shooting.

I would not pay this Sheridan report too much attention, considering it is based on executives speaking off the record and we still do not have any credible report suggesting the Knicks are looking to actually trade Frank. There is a lot of “interest” from teams around the league, which is a testament to the potential people see in the defensive-minded guard. Let’s hope the Knicks realize that, too, and get him back on the floor soon enough.

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  1. With Burke out, it was painful watching Mudiay get pick and rolled to death against Boston last night. Fiz not playing Frank in that situation when he’s one of the best defenders against that action just strains all logic and common sense. If you wanted to send a message to Frank that he needs to be more aggressive, fine, literally every NY fan would get behind that. But you can also use the carrot too and send him the message that ‘your offense is a WIP but we really need your defense tonight so go lock them down kid’. I don’t see how ignoring what your players excel at and using it to benefit the team is good for morale or chemistry building.

    Fiz’s DNPs and who he has chosen to exercise them with has caused me to sour on him already. It borders on petty, and the way he has publicly articulated the rationale seems like he has no plan as to the primary motive, in fact (and I hate to say it) but suggests a layer of incompetence. Even in my relative ignorance to the nuances of the professional game, I would be surprised if on a night where Frank scores two points when you tally up all of the ways he made positive contributions in the game that it doesn’t average out to the same as Mudiay when he gives you 12. Plus when you close your eyes and enjoy a flight of fancy, do you really think that come playoff time, late in the game when we need a defensive stop that Mudiay is going to provide that? Or will he get eaten up by a screen allowing the guard to get whatever look they want? I think we know the answer.

    This all frustrates me more than it probably should. Frank is admittedly my favorite player since Scottie Pippen but only because I thought if given the right coaching and opportunity that he could develop into such a player. A high IQ player who gives you a little bit of everything and is a team glue type guy. I believe in the potential of this kid and see him as the perfect compliment to guys like KP, Hardaway, Knox who are options 1-2-3 on offense in the near future.

    I need coffee.


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