Report: Knicks haven’t had any internal discussions about John Wall

It was reported earlier this week by the New York Post that “some in the league believe the Knicks are stocking up their young assets and will make a major play for Wall if he becomes available.” 

We can now put that rumor to bed. Ian Begley reports the Knicks have not had any internal discussions about a potential trade for John Wall.

The former number one overall pick is due to make $169 million over the next four years from a contract extension that kicks in next season. From the initial report, it was hard to believe the Knicks, who want to be active pursuers in the free agency market, would be looking to lock up as much as $37.8 million on one player next season, alone.

Forget whether you think John Wall is the type of player you want to build around, he would come on a double cost: the cost of the assets to acquire him and the cost of future cap space from his massive extension. It doesn’t make much sense for the Knicks to pay this double price for someone not named Kevin Durant or Anthony Davis.

It was also reported earlier this week by the New York Post that Brooklyn and Detroit have shown interest in Damyean Dotson. Ian Begley reports that while teams have shown interest in the second round standout, neither Brooklyn nor Detroit have reached out to the Knicks about him.


  1. Not only is the contact insane, but you would be trading assets to take it on… No thanks. Very much an old Knicks move and hope to god they are past doing stuff like this.


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