Tim Hardaway Sr. explains why he didn’t celebrate his son’s halftime buzzer-beater

Tim Hardaway Sr. had a viral moment when he was caught on camera looking unenthused by his son’s play in a recent Knicks game vs Detroit. Hardaway Jr. nailed a jump shot in the closing minutes of the first half, and when the camera panned to his father, well, you can watch for yourself below…

Appearing as a guest on the Five Reasons Sports Podcast in Miami, Tim Hardaway Sr. wanted to clear the air about his perceived lack of excitement.

“When my son plays, I’m very excited,” he explains.

“They were shooting 25% from the field in the first half. They down 11. He makes a jump shot to cut it within 9, at halftime. Am I supposed to get excited about that? I don’t understand that.”

The former Miami Heat guard, who had some epic battles with the Knicks as a player, said he was more concerned with the Knicks regrouping for the second half. He added that it would be different if it was a playoff game.

Hardaway Sr. says he told his son that he needed to get better in all aspects of his game before he was traded to Atlanta. He credits Tim Jr.’s brief stint in the G-League as a key turning point to his career, where he was able to learn for himself some of the things his father was trying to explain to him.

Listen to the full podcast episode below.

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