What’s happening in the NBA: November 26

Knicks fans are some of the most intelligent basketball fans in the world. They want to know more than what is happening with their team. This is a daily overview of NBA highlights and happenings.


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Magic 108, Lakers 104
Suns 107, Pistons 118
Hornets 123, Hawks 124
Sixers 127, Nets 125
Heat 115, Raptors 125
Knicks 103, Grizzlies 98
Jazz 133, Kings 112
Clippers 104, Blazers 100


Jimmy Butler being Jimmy Butler as Joel Embiid remains Joel Embiid


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I mean game winners are nice. but @joelembiid please explain why you felt the need to do this?! 😂😂😂

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Kawhi Leonard responds to Gregg Popovich’s leadership criticism

Speaking with reporters Saturday in Milwaukee, Popovich offered a surprising assessment of Leonard’s leadership abilities.

“Kawhi was a great player, but he wasn’t a leader or anything,” Popovich said.

Kawhi responded by saying, “It’s just funny to me because, I don’t know if he’s talking about last year or not, but I guess when you stop playing they forget how you lead,” Leonard said. “Other than that, it doesn’t matter. I’m here with the Raptors.”

[via USA Today]

Blake Griffin is happy, healthy and hooping in Detroit

But being in Detroit instead of playing for the Clippers, Griffin is fine with it.

Yeah, I’m glad it happened,” Griffin told the Times. “I’m not saying I don’t miss certain people. There were some awesome fans that I got to know and I felt like I was very close with them. And there are some people you miss over there, but it was just time for a fresh start.

“I’m glad to be here.”

[via Los Angeles Times]

Interest in trading for John Wall not very strong

“John Wall is a very different situation [from Bradley Beal],” said Wojnarowski on the Woj Pod. “You can count on one hand, and probably with just a couple of fingers places that really might have interest in taking his contract on and what it all means to bring him in.

“I would never say there’s no market for John Wall, but I think Bradley Beal has a much broader market. But if Washington was going to do something, they would have to get every last asset they could for Bradley Beal.”

[via Adrian Wojnarowski]

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