Knicks win in Memphis for Fizdale

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Knicks Fan TV Postgame Live


Hey hey hey there friends … we interrupt your regularly scheduled Tank Job for this important announcement: the Knicks – the New York Knickerbockers – might not be terrible.


Yeah, they’re probably still bad.

And they’ll look it on some nights as this season progresses. For right now, though, they’re playing hard, they’re playing smart, and they’re playing together, all culminating in a huge 103-98 win in David Fizdale’s return game, their third in a row.

On to the highlights:

  • Have to start with Kanter. Have┬áto. He was a beast, putting up a 21 & 26 night, which included a stretch in the 3rd where he ate Memphis’ collective lunch on the block, repeatedly posting up and getting buckets, relieving the pressure on New York’s guards to produce points for a key stretch of the game. Perhaps more impressively, his defense was also more than passable. I wrote a few weeks ago that I thought Kanter’s season in NY would end in a buyout, and I might be wrong if he continues to add value like this.
  • Emmanuel Mudiay’s resurgence continues. He didn’t shoot it great, but 17 points on 12 shots is fine any day of the week. He was once again in complete control of the offense – his own and the team’s – and his defense was also far better than what we’ve become accustomed to. His dunk late in the fourth may have been my favorite moment of the season.

  • Noah Vonleh continues to put in work on both ends. Tonight was a quieter effort, but he is a switchable force on the defensive end, his jumper appears to be a thing, and his baby hook is unguardable.
  • Timmy again had a rough night from the field, but he got to the line seven times (two on techs) and hit 3-of-7 from deep. Like Mudiay, the field goal percentage was ugly, but you’ll take 22 points on 16 shots most nights.
  • Other than Frank, the kids struggled tonight, which was to be expected against a tough, veteran squad that’s been hitting on all cylinders. Knox looked overmatched, and Mitch had some rough moments guarding Gasol. Ntilikina, however, had a nice stretch running the offense and looking for his own shot in the second quarter. He didn’t play much in the second half, but in a game where every bucket was going to be critical, it was understandable.
Regardless of how Knicks fans feel about the vets playing more of late, there’s no denying that David Fizdale has this squad playing their asses off. For a franchise where that hasn’t been the case much over the last 17 years, that is step one, above everything else they need to do to go back to becoming a respectable NBA franchise. Kudos to Fiz. He’s go this thing rolling.

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