Knicks shock the Celtics in Boston


The Knicks played their best game of the season in beating the Celtics on the road, on a back-to-back.

Knicks Fan TV Postgame


On Thanksgiving Eve, the Knicks gave their fans something to be very, very thankful for with one of the more improbable wins in recent memory. On the road, against a desperate and reeling Celtics team that had played the best defense in basketball though the first month of the season, the Knicks won 117-109. New York went up by 26 at one point in the 2nd at which point Boston woke up and decided to try. The Knicks withstood several uppercuts from that point forward, but ultimately prevailed. There were no shortage of highlights…

  • Trey Burke is … what is he? Really … I’m asking, because in 25 years of watching the game, have we ever seen something like this? College Player of the Year to All-Rookie First Team to draft bust to out of the league to Knicks late season darling to opening night starter to DNP-CD to savior. That’s quite a path. Burke rescued the Knicks, putting up 29 points on 20 shots and getting two huge buckets down the stretch. He is, in short, an offensive weapon in the modern NBA. What the Knicks decide to do with him for the rest of this season will be fascinating…
  • Mitchell Robinson, he of the “It’s a good thing this car has airbags because I just got my license” experience level, had six blocks in 16 minutes and basically destroyed everything the Celtics wanted to do on offense at multiple points throughout the fourth quarter. Speaking of weapons, he’s a bazooka that doesn’t yet know it. Just think: Perry came on the job with the Melo trade for Ryan Anderson at the two-yard line. It seems his patience was rewarded.
  • Frank Ntilikina continued to remind fools that his offensive struggles are worth wading through, as he D’d up Jason Tatum throughout the fourth quarter, and had a beautiful up and under move midway through the final frame. Fiz left Frank in the game from the 4:50 mark of the third quarter until the final buzzer. It would seem that qualifies as “proper development”
  • Kevin Knox was hitting it from deep, converting both of his 3-point attempts and getting big minutes down the stretch. He looked the part of a lottery pick for much of the night.
  • Resident punching bag Enes Kanter proved Clarence Gaines right by grabbing several key offensive boards just when it looked like the Knicks were losing momentum. His defense also bordered on passable at times. Progress, you are a funny bird…
  • The rest of the Knicks who saw time played well with the exception of Mario (a forgettable evening) and the possible exception of Timmy, who hit several key shots throughout the night but also had some gastly turnovers and missed a key free throw down the stretch that luckily didn’t come back to haunt them. He will have games like this every now and then, but in this year at least, he gets a pass for tonight.
  • Lastly, sadly, Dotson got another DNP-CD. I am going to chalk his second straight “no burn” to Fiz’s tinkering. It should not continue, and if it does, I will be upset.
That’s it … Happy Turkey Day everyone!

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