KFS Draft Watch: Cam Reddish Game 1 Report

Spencer Pearlman continues our Knicks Film School Draft Watch with a breakdown of Cam Reddish’s first game.

The Good


  • I wasn’t sure where to put these clips below, but I loved these finishes. They were both aggressive (maybe it could have gone there?), they were to his weak hand (including one lefty finish), and they both showed the soft touch. I actually wrote “awesome attacking paint finish” and “great strong paint attack and finish” in my notes while watching the game. I know…poor grammar, but I think it’s fair to give myself some grammatical leeway after working all day reading and writing legal documents.


  • Cam’s shooting has been inconsistent throughout high school, but it started off on a good mark last night – 3/8 from deep, the makes coming on catch and shoots. His form is not perfect and needs some tweaks, but his shots yesterday had consistent form, which was an issue for him in the past.


  • This is going to be different than for other players, but his “bad” shots are not necessarily the same as “bad” shots for other players. The clips in the video below are not the best decisions, but Cam’s issue throughout HS / AAU was his mentality – he’d zone in and out of games. I’m looking for him to be aggressive, and if that means he takes a few bad shots or drives into a crowded lane a few times, I’ll live with it. I don’t want him taking bad shots every time down, or often, but he needs to stay aggressive because when he’s looking to score, his passing becomes so much more valuable.
  • Cam also led Duke in FTA, which is a great sign, and was second on the team in fouls drawn (tied with Zion, 2 below RJ) with 4. Plays like the first clip are what scouts need to see this year.

Length on Defense

  • This one is simple – I love how he used his length in this game. His hands were out and active, often getting tips leading to steals. One of my biggest issues with Kevin Knox last year was the poor use of his length. Cam is already off to a great start with his 7’1 (+?) wingspan.

Overall Defense

  • He got burned a couple of times by Herro, but I thought his defense was good on the whole. He rotated well and positioned himself well off ball, had deflections and used his length well (see above), battled in the post when forced to, and was active.

The Bad 


  • This one is going to be short because he wasn’t too involved as a creator. Cam’s passing and vision is one of his best skills. However, last night, he was often relegated to the fourth creator on offense behind Zion, RJ, and Tre. The flashes were solid (see below), but I want more. I’m hoping as the season goes on, Coach K lets him run the show a bit more (at least when Tre and one of Zion/RJ are on the bench). Cam has legit point-forward ability, and putting him as an off ball spot up shooter is a misuse of his skills (although, admittedly some of it falls on Cam – he was standing around too much in this game).

Too Stationary At Times

  • This is where the lack of aggression comes into play. As mentioned above, one of Cam’s issues was consistency and keeping the foot on the pedal throughout the game. The issue wasn’t that he would zone in and out for a few minutes here and there or be passive on offense, it’s that he would disappear from the action entirely. That is why I am 100% ok with a few bad shots here and there – it shows he’s still active, in tune, and ready to go.
  • I know it will be difficult to stay engaged playing with Zion and RJ (which is why I wanted to see him go to a program where he could be “the guy”), but it’s something to keep an eye on. He doesn’t have to touch the ball to be an active participant on offense, so looking for cuts, screens, etc are important. I admit I might be a little picky with some of these clips, but because it’s something that has plagued him in the past, starting off on the safer side is what I plan on doing. Instead of conceding the ball to Zion or RJ, I would have liked to see him run to the ball and be more assertive. Hopefully that comes as the season progresses!
  • I have two clips below for this section. The first one demonstrates his lack of movement off ball and the lack of aggressiveness question mark, and the other demonstrates that he CAN cut to the open spot nicely when he wants to. Basically showing a contrast and what to look for going forward – the good and the bad.

Shaky Closeouts

  • It’s hard to put a big strike against him for this considering Herro is one of the top shooters in the country as a freshman and needing to close out on shooters is obviously important, but there were a few closeouts that show he needs to work on his footwork a bit. One positive to take from his mistakes is that this is correctable from film + being cognizant of the issues. For his size, I thought he did a good job overall defending a pure shooter.

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