Film Study: Why the Frank we saw vs Golden State is the real one

@FrontOfficeEye highlights Frank Ntilikina’s strengths and weaknesses from his October 26 start against the Warriors. He then shows why the “aggressive Frank” we saw vs Golden State is not a flash in the pan, but something that simply needs to be unleashed.

Combining clips from last night’s game and his U18 championship run, you will be able to see that Frank hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface of his offensive potential.

Quick hitting FIBA U18 stats from Frank on offense:

  • 88th percentile on offense
  • 99th percentile in PnR offense (for himself)
  • 65th percentile spot up (off ball drives off the catch + catch and shoot)
  • 75th percentile on catch and shoot
  • 100th percentile on dribble jumpers

During the U18s he took on a bigger offensive load…and he still produced. We saw some of that potential against Golden State and watching the Knicks unlock more of it should be fun to watch going forward.

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