Film Study: Frank Ntilikina’s scoring run vs Brooklyn

@FrontOfficeEye explains how Frank Ntilikina used “pace” to spur his scoring run against Brooklyn.

Frank Ntilikina sparked a Knicks run against Brooklyn with seven consecutive points during the third quarter last Friday. Let’s take a look at how he did it.

But first, something needs to be said about playing with pace. Guys like Jrue Holiday, Shaun Livingston, Chauncey Billups, etc., all played with great pace. They weren’t necessarily blowing past defenders on every possession, but they did a nice job of surveying the court to create good looks.

Frank Ntilikina has shown an ability to play with good pace, helping his pick & roll game. Over the past two years, we have seen him not only get to his spot in PnR, but make proper reads and hit rollers with accurate passes.

Ntilikina can be overly cautions in picking his spots, which is good and bad: it’s good because he doesn’t force things that aren’t there; and bad because it allows the defense to sag off him too often. We saw against Brooklyn how he is starting to take advantage of the defense sagging back.

Below is a thread of videos that showcase Ntilikina’s ability to use pace to his advantage in the pick & roll.

While the Knicks continue to experiment with Frank in different positions, it seems that if they give him enough opportunities in the PnR and let him actually run an offense in the halfcourt, he would thrive.

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