A Dream Come True

Growing up as a Knicks fan in the nineties was not easy, or so we thought it wasn’t.

The Knicks made the playoffs every single year, they played exciting basketball at Madison Square Garden, and they found a way to break our hearts in a variety of ways in epic playoff confrontations.

Game 7 of the 1994 Finals was the closest “we” got to winning a championship with Patrick Ewing. The Knicks lost that game on the eve of my last day of school in 5th grade. When I took my time to get out bed the next morning, as most kids couldn’t wait to get to summer, I told my mom, “the Knicks ruined my summer.”

How things have changed!

Now, a rookie scoring a bunch of points in a Summer League tournament is the highlight of my July. I would do anything to go back to those days when the Knicks were never champions, but always competitive.

That same boy who painted his face blue and orange and used scrunched up tissues to mimic the waving white towels I jealously watched fans at Madison Square Garden wave during playoff games, that same boy, a little older, with two kids of my own, is here today, rooting harder for the Knicks than ever, and launching the site I always wish existed for fans.

I am not a media member. I have limited access to the team. I have literally built everything related to Knicks Film School while sitting on my couch and wrestling my phone back from my three-year old to check the latest notification from Woj or Ian Begley.

As much as Knicks Film School has evolved into a brand, it is really an experience. It is the day-to-day routine of finding unique ways to get excited about a team that has let you down for so long. It is the refreshing look into how we root for our favorite team. Being a basketball fan is supposed to be fun. While the team has struggled, there is finally hope, and I’m ready to be front and center as we turn all the old cliches about the Knicks into forgotten words.

I’m the type of person who believes hard work can get you anywhere. I have worked hard throughout my life to build a career outside of basketball that gives me the balance and financial wherewithal to have an intense hobby like Knicks Film School.

I want this site to be a community for Knicks fans who share in the same passion and translate that passion to help others in need. I’m not building this site to generate clicks or page views so we can sell advertisements and get rich. I’m building this site because it’s what the 5th grade me would have done had the internet existed back then. All I cared about was the Knicks and that’s what this site will be about.

Let’s get this thing going!


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