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David Fizdale told reporters after practice that he will experiment with Frank Ntilikina defending power forwards in the Knicks preseason finale. Frank responded to the idea, “Of course point guards don’t play like four-mans, but you know loving basketball and just being a student of the game, I want to be perfect at this and I want to be able to guard anyone.” – via Mike Vorkunov, The Athletic


Why this matters: There has been plenty of conversation about whether Frank makes more sense as a true point guard versus a guard who plays off the ball. The idea of having him defend power forwards take the “off the ball” experiment to the extreme in testing how he is able to defend different areas of the court, perhaps out of pick and roll situations.

Read more: Mike Vorkunov wrote a great piece about whether the Knicks have given Frank enough time at the point guard position. You can read it here.