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  1. The new Knicks management team has not yet impressed me. They have taken a different approach from past management style but that in and of itself doesn’t say definitively that they are better for organization, big Phil, the ZEN MASTER, was supposed to have been the great white hope to be honest I was hopeful myself. The Knicks, has continuously failed year after year and what’s worse they have all made the same mistakes year in, year out when it comes to existing players and player departure. Melo, and now Kyle O’Quinn, comes to mind how do they hope to attract real talent with that kind of track record? The cultural atmosphere within the organization must change. The NYK has never been able to connect good players with the right coach at any one time in God knows how long, personally I am not a fan of the new HC. Hope is the foundation by which we as fans build our dream of a better team sadly we have been disappointed year after year so much so the fans had to call for the termination of big Phil, so far the only congratulations that are in order for this management group is the Kknox, draft pick. But then again Phil, drafted KP. Wishing them the best but action at this point seems more important to me than mare talk.



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