David Fizdale and Kristaps Porzingis talk via WhatsApp all the time

FIZDALE: “Yeah, we talked. We WhatsApp all the time and check in on each other. And my wife and I are flying out in two weeks to go spend a week with him and his family.”

What have you got garnered from your WhatsApp conversations?

FIZDALE: “Excitement. He likes exactly what I’m talking about from the standpoint of style of play. The fact that I won’t lock him into any position, that I’ll always try to put him in a position of success, that I’m going to challenge him to be an MVP and Defensive Player of the Year. I think he really likes the idea of the way I operate, how I’m going to hold guys accountable to a strict level. He likes the sound of that.

So, our conversations have been great. Every time we do something team-buildingwise, I always make sure that I hit him up and send him a picture, a film or whatever it is. He can’t get here for that, but I want him to still feel [he’s a part of it]. It’s been a good building process.”

via Marc J. Spears, The Undefeated

One Comment

  1. In met Fiz when he was an assistant coach at Fresno State. Ironically ,both he and I are from Los Angeles. He played ball at Fremont High School under Sam, and old friend of mine and we have the same birth date (June 16th) , although I’m many years older. I wish him the best of luck.



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