Kevin Knox has been working on his often criticized motor

Kevin Knox heard the criticisms while he was in Kentucky about his waning effort. The 18-year-old thought it was fair and — ahead of his first Summer League game with the Knicks on Saturday — said he has worked toward a solution by getting in better shape.

I heard that all the time. I just kept playing. People are going to talk all the time, criticize you. I listened to my parents, listened to my coaches. They said the same thing,” he said. “I kind of got better at — I worked on my conditioning a lot this summer as far as getting in extra sprints, so I keep my motor up the whole game.”

In scouting circles, Knox’s sputtering motor was more of an indictment of his drive (or lack thereof) than fitness. Steve Mills said recently the topic was broached during the pre-draft process — “we talked about it a lot,” the Knicks president said — and the Knicks came away convinced Knox was motivated.

via Stefan Bondy, New York Daily News

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