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Trey Burke describes the voluntary workouts he has been participating in with David Fizdale and a group of Knicks that includes Frank Ntilikina, Damyean Dotson, Emmanuel Mudiay, Troy Williams, Isaiah Hicks, and Luke Kornet.

As transcribed by Ian Begley:

“We’ll lift first—if we’re not lifting, we’ll hit the track with Bar (trainer Mubarak Malik) and Shimon (Ishakawa).”

“After that we’ll hit the court. Stretch.”

“Then [Fizdale] has us doing all of our finishes, he has us doing all of the stuff with footwork. We’ll literally be there for the first 45 minutes of the workout. We’ll literally be in there for almost an hour just focusing on layups. Just focusing on getting our feet right and shots in the paint, in the middle, fundamentally sound things.”

“And then we’ll move into concepts. He’ll have us doing drills to where this guy slides to the corner and I’m going baseline and I’m hitting him and I have to back out into three. That guy at the top of the key. He has to do something and then we’ll have to rotate. But it’s fast. You have to use your mind. Mentally you have to be locked in.”

“We’ll go from that then we’ll go into something defensive. Our defensive concepts are totally different than what they were last year. So it’s new to all of us. Just learning to get on the same page defensively because we weren’t doing these things last year. Their system is different than what we saw 6-7 months ago.”

“And then by the end of practice, he’ll probably have us doing something competitive where it’s like, two dribbles one on one. Or he’ll have us to one dribble one on one where it’s like guys are just out there lining each other up. And you really have to use the stuff we were just working on to get a good shot off. And everybody’s getting evaluated and that’s the fun part.”