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Butch Stockton: “The biggest thing is the stamina part because he hasn’t played in a while,’’ Stockton said. “The second thing is fitting into a system. What do you actually want me to do? Any time you lay off and (are) not playing competitive basketball it’s going to hurt you before you get back in that groove. I don’t think he’ll be real rusty once the games start and he gets that drive going.”

Robinson had no use being a student-athlete any longer after high school. And judging by his curt answers at Friday’s event, he won’t be the life of the locker room or a media darling.

“He’s a very shy, quiet person,’’ Stockton said. “[A press conference] is a lot different for him. You take a year off, college players had interviews throughout the whole season.”

via Marc Berman, New York Knicks