Miles Bridges is a different kind of superstar

“The reason coach [Tom] Izzo says [Miles Bridges is] weird is because he’s never seen anyone like that, a player of his caliber, turning down the NBA to come back to college when he was gonna be a top-10 pick,” Michigan State teammate Lourawls “Tum Tum” Nairn said. “That is kind of weird. It’s not typical of what a basketball superstar is supposed to be.

“He’s a different kind of superstar.”

While becoming a nationally ranked five-star forward, Bridges organized a water collection for his hometown, interned for a judge, and began fishing and whitewater rafting.

“It really broadened his horizons, and he matured so much while he was gone,” his mother Cynthia said. “He learned how to wash his clothes, even though he was shrinking them because he was using hot water.

Michigan State associate head coach Dwayne Stephens said: “Some guys have that humbleness about them, but it’s a chore. They have to work at it. For him, it’s just who he is. He treats people the right way. He’s polite. He never changes.”

Izzo lovingly refers to Bridges as a “weirdo,” a “throwback,” and “blue-collar star.” Quirks are common for the “SpongeBob SquarePants” fanatic.

“Ever since we were little, he’s been a real goofy kid,” his childhood friend Jaire said. “He does whatever comes to head, anything silly. He’s the type of guy that will pick your nose.”

via Howie Kussoy, New York Post

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