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John Starks attended the Andre Reed Celebrity Golf Classic in Allenton, PA to help raise awareness for underprivileged children. He talked about what is different about the NBA today versus when he played. And sounded optimistic about the future of the Knicks.

“It’s more of a fast-paced game now than it was when I played,” Starks said. “It’s more up and down, more inside-outside. Back when I played, pretty much every team had a big man. We had Patrick [Ewing]. Everything was dictated around low-post play, and now it’s more outside. The floor has opened up. It’s an exciting time for basketball. It’s different, but it’s fun.”

Starks works in the Knicks’ front office. He is optimistic that a turnaround is near for a franchise that hasn’t been to the finals since Starks was a player and hasn’t won a championship in 45 years.

Everything is predicated around players,” he said. “I like where we’re headed.”

via Keith Groller, The Morning Call